((Travel)) Korea 2017

The destination of our trip for the year 2017 is S. Korea! I’ve heard  much about the country but it’s my first time to see the country with my own eyes. It’s also my first time travelling with SKRTSKRT together.


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((Base)) IT Cosmetic – Your Skin but Better CC Cream


IT Cosmetic – Your Skin but Better CC Cream is perhaps the most popular base makeup item of the year!

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((Base)) Tom Ford- Illuminating Primer


I am lucky to have come across this traveling size of Tom Ford’s Illuminating Primer (hurray). Though mini size of 5ml, the packaging is sleek and chic. The quality is not shy of a full size bottle.


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Magic of Kevin Aucoin- the Etherealist


Before and after (aka. Seaking vs. Goldeen)LOL


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(Food) Sunday @ Yolk’s

Happy belated Mother’s Day!

To start the day off, we went to Yolk’s for breakfast. This was my 3rd visit to Yolk’s. The first time was at their E. Hasting location before the tear-down. Subsequent visits have been at their W. Broadway location. The interior design and decor were cozy and welcoming. Mr. D pointed out the resteraunt’s use of “baby colours”- pastel yellow and soft blues accompanied by whites and accent of the wooden furniture.

After a 45-minute wait, we sat down and made the orders. Mr. D had been craving for chicken waffle for a while and the satiation finally came to reality today!

The batter was flavourful with a hint of spiciness. The chicken breast was juicy and tender. The combination of savoury and sweet is an extraordinary feast on the palate. The portion seemed small but it’s definitely hearty enough to fill you up.

I got the pancakes only because I saw someone having them LOL
The pancakes were soft and tender, freshly made. Because I had been to Red Wagon that I can’t help but compare the two. I prefer the pancakes from Red Wagon, to be honest. The pancakes at Yolk’s are very simple and nothing stood out to me. Next time I will skip the pancakes and have the waffles instead.

Yolk’s is famous for their DIY menu- customers can pick and create whatever they want for their breakfast. We chose poached eggs with holandaise sauce, arugula and bacon on English muffin.

Everything was fresh and quite delicious. We were quite full and stayed satisfied until dinner time. Definitely worth a try!

((Wedding)) Floral Princess

Happy Halloween! Happy October and November!


Apologies for the decrease in blogging posts, I have been busy with weddings, which I enjoy so so SO much! I wish I can rejoice with bridal jobs every weekend, hehehehe


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Real Neat Blog Award!


Great news! I have been nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award (hurray!)

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