((Makeup)) After-work beast to Fab. Beauty

I started with a pink x neutral nude eye shadow look, and it turned out to a sweet & gentle bridal makeup.


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((Makeup)) 2015 Most Trust-Worthy Makeup Babes

2015 has flown by in a blink of an eye. It is time to recognize the most trust-worthy cosmetic products of the year. In my opinion, the best makeup items are the staple ones that you always carry in the portable cosmetic pouch. They follow you wherever you go; whatever the occasions (battles) they will always triumph and win you the victory of self-confidence and beauty.


Let’s get started!

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((Makeup)) Neat Eye Makeup !


A neat swallow tail for today’s eye makeup look.

Products Used: Too Faced Naked Eye


Use In the Buff as a wash of color and highlight your brow bones. Then use Lap Dance and brush over your crease and create the contour of your eye socket. Dust Like a Virgin and blend the colors together. Highlight the middle of your lid with Satin Sheets. Finally, use a slanted eyeliner brush to draft a nice eyeliner at your lash line with the color of Stiletto. Set the eyeliner with a eyeliner liquid and you are done!

Elegant. Beautiful. Unique. Just like you!

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((Makeup)) Happy Canada Day- Pink Eyeshadows that POP

Happy Canada Day!


I thought about doing a “Red – pinkish eye shadow just for the special occasion. At first, the plan was to make it look extremely red or a neon pink- but that would be a challenge to even step out the door.

Because I am going out later so I decided to tone it down so it’s wearable for a day-out, date night or just a girls’ date together. The nice subtle pink hue is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

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((TV Makeup)) Access TV Show @ Shaw


I was glad to be the Makeup Artist for the Access TV Show on Sunday.

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((Eyemakeup)) YSL Chromatic- that dreamy sheen


I find that after I have made my own website, I have been more diligent and more active in my daily makeup routine (so I have more to share with you!)

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((Eyes)) Eyes of Gold – Soundless Conversation w/ Natural Eye Makeup

Your eyes talk, did you know that?

We have all heard the say “eyes are windows to your souls” so let your eyes tell your story of the day.

Maybe they will weave a story of sweet surprises:


or a hard day filing all the paperwork and sorting out your budget:


or revealing the joy and happiness for your big day:


Whatever your story is, I want to help you say it.


All emotions can be gracefully communicated with the “windows of your soul”; with beauty, with elegance; the naturally beautiful YOU 009

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By your beloved MUA xoxo