((Eyes)) Sparkle with Nars


Happy Thanksgiving!


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((Eyes)) Turn up the heat- Nars Audacious Mascara


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((Makeup)) After-Work Transformation- We are Super Models in-making

What d you do after work? Put on makeup! LOL

As beauty is my passion, I grasp the after-work moment for practicing the art of makeup transformation.

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((Makeup)) Nars Velvet Skin Tint

Hi beautiful ladies/gents, long time no chat (lol)! A YAY for finishing the midterm so I can jump right back on blogging again!

Nars takes the honor to be my first blogging post this month!


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((Makeup)) Happy Canada Day- Pink Eyeshadows that POP

Happy Canada Day!


I thought about doing a “Red – pinkish eye shadow just for the special occasion. At first, the plan was to make it look extremely red or a neon pink- but that would be a challenge to even step out the door.

Because I am going out later so I decided to tone it down so it’s wearable for a day-out, date night or just a girls’ date together. The nice subtle pink hue is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

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