((Makeup)) Estee Edit by Estee Lauder

A new Estee Lauder era has arrived *drum roll*

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((Base Makeup)) Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer


As I am a foundation addict, the first makeup article of 2016 will be a blog sharing my newest purchase of base makeup (muahaha!)

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((Foundation)) Luminous & velvety – Chanel Perfect Lumiere


Autumn is here~ Not only do we need to change our skincare products but we also need to pay attention to our makeup items. Usually, the products made for summer focus on oil control and light in texture. For fall/winter makeup items, they tend to contain more moisturizing and serum ingredients to prevent flaking and drying of the skin.

Most often, fall/winter focus more on a matte complexion. But this year, the “skin trend” is still the “dewy, natural, glowing” finish. The tricky thing is, looking natural does not mean putting on less makeup LOL; quite the contrary, you have to choose the right makeup items to hide the imperfections while creating a luminous sheen on your skin, showing radiance.

With the opening of Nordstrom, I had the opportunity to visit the new Chanel counter to try Chanel Perfect Lumiere foundation.


My first Chanel foundation was Vitalumiere and it helped me through the acne-break-out times. It was the only foundation that didn’t worsen my acne so my first Chanel experience is fairly pleasant 🙂

Perfect Lumiere is very fluid and easy to apply. You can use your fingers, makeup sponges or foundation brushes for application.

Ok, enough said. Let’s get started!

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((Base Makeup)) Perfect in Every Shot- Make Up Forever Ultra HD

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation is here!


With the newest technology, it’s focus is to produce flawless and pore-less porcelain complexion even under the most brutal scrutiny- not your fiancee, not your boyfriend (guys can’t even tell if you’ve just got your hair done!) not your confidant but the CAMERA!


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((Base Makeup)) Sleeping Beauty- Sulwhasoo <3


Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion Foundation added to my Base makeup collection!

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((Foundation)) Get ready for some sweatin’ – M.A.C. Pro LongWear


Summer is among us, are you ready to whip out your water-proof (sweat-proof) and smudge-proof, 24 hour resistant makeup?

Before I try anything on my clients, I always test them out first (yes, I am the guinea pig, haha) to ensure that I can fully see the makeup finish before I apply t on your beautiful faces 🙂

M.A.C the super professional cosmetic brand (Canadian-born! PROUD) released its newest member in the Pro Longwear series. I can testify to its water-proof shielding power ( I had to wash my face two times LOL that’s how strong and durable this is).

The packaging is a slick and chic; portable and light to carry around.


For $38 you get 25ml that will last you a long long long way.

I chose the colour NC 25; I recommend testing it out at the store before purchasing.


The foundation texture is a little gel-like. It’s still fairly liquid and easy to spread but at the same it is thicker than your normal liquid foundation to provide higher coverage.


Before makeup, the naked face:


Again, uneven complexion tone, redness around cheeks and hyper-pigmentation around nose and corners of my mouth.

Next, let’s take a look at my side-profile ((sometimes I wonder how I muster the courage to put up such embarrassing pictures LOL)) but my goal is to provide you with real information and the true impact of the makeup- so… I am just going to be very honest and show you my “dark” side XD


Before and after:



Wow, isn’t this magical.

The sallowness is perfectly concealed and my cheeks look more supple. The discoloration is less visible so my face seem more lifted and radiant.


Like any form of art, once you have a clean “canvas” you are ready to take out the colours! After foundation, I lightly powdered my face with CDP loose powder and applied light blush. Of course, do not forget to fill in those brows and some mascara :))


You are ready to rock the world!




M.A.C Pro Longwear is great for this hot and humid weather; I have to say it does last quite a while – I went to work in this the makeup still look intact after 10 hours (no touch-up). My apologies for not taking pictures after work; I was tired and couldn’t wait to remove my makeup and jump into bed. Caution, beautifuls, you do have to spend some time to remove the foundation. I washed my face twice and cleansed with Bioderma Toner for a third time – just to make sure the face is clean and ready for bed like I am.

So far, I have not discovered and felt any adverse effect of the foundation – I have been using this for a week before sharing this secret weapon with you guys :)) But for course, we each have a different skin type and sensitivity so I still suggest trying it out before purchase.

I do recommend testing out MAC Pro Longwear for you summer ladies and gentlemen then get ready for the sun, beach and bikini!!

By, your beloved Makeup Artist xoxo


((Makeup)) Sun-Kissed Cheeks for us Rosecea girls


As a girl troubled by rosacea, I used to believe that blush is something that doesn’t belong in my makeup dictionary. As an optimistic individual, I tried to think that rosacea is a “natural blush” given to me by birth- I still think that, occasionally- when they stay calm. But when the redness turns into a curse once they start crawling onto my chin and expand its territory onto other areas of my face. Thank goodness for corrective makeup (right!?)

If I can appreciate blush in its beauty – you can too!

Before any makeup, my skin tone is uneven. I have hyper-pigmentation on the sides of my nose, corners of mouth,  plus blemish on my cheeks (pointed out by arrows). Then, apply toner to the face before you do anything else- a ritual cleanse to get rid of excess oil or dust from the air (hehehe, did you think I would say primer? That was a trick question- just for fun).

Use a moisturizer to make sure your skin is supple to the touch (wait about 2-3 minutes before using any base makeup) then whip out your green primer.

001 002

If you have blemishes and redness- use green. If you are concerned with a yellow-ish skin tone and just want to brighten up- use blue primer.

I use the liquid primer on the entire face, then I brushed a sheer layer of foundation on top. You can see that my complexion is much more even and there’s a subtle radiance.

003 004

After liquid foundation + concealor, we are ready for setting our makeup! Because I have combination skin, I prefer using loose powder more than anything.

Compact powder is more for oily skin type- so that your face doesn’t become shiny too soon. But for dry skin and combination skin ladies, a loose powder holds our makeup better.

I use puff rather than brushes. Just pour some onto a tissue paper, then press the puff into the powder. Then fold it in half and squeeze lightly (as shown below) to ensure the powder is evenly distributed.



Pat the puff gently o n your face. The evenly distributed powder helps us from looking too “dry” or “cakey” or “powdery” and allows the radiance to still show through.


Then we are ready for our sun-kissed look 🙂

Whip out your coral blush or orange-pink blush.


I chose Nars Deep Throat show here.


It’s not easy to master Nars blushes because it’s highly pigmented so it’s worth every penny we paid for! A tiny bit goes a long long long way- I think it’s a brilliant business strategy so we can pass down to our daughters LOL and the Nars legend carries on.

Dab lightly and dust off the brush onto your wrist to ensure the hair did not pick up too much colour.

010 011

Do a light smile to find your cheeckbone, then brush upward for a lifter look (pic on the left) do not be fooled into thinking that I will just stop here (smile) the blush needs to have a “melted into the skin” look rather than just looking like I used blush LOL

012 013

The arroa points out the colour separation here and that’s the point we need to focus on.

Use a highlight colour that contains a similar pigment colour to the one we’ve just used- if you had used a coral blush, you need a highlight colour with some orange in it. This is the time when we say thank-you to ourselves for being makeup shopaholic LOL we rock!


Use the highlight colour and apply in it on the “separation line” then blend it toward the blush.

I personally like to highly the “c” area around my brow bone so I will apply a bit of highlight there as well (at the tail of the brow).


Then we are done!!! Phew~

The photos are all taken at the same setting and I tried to control the light (but nature won’t let me) there’s no fixing or smoothing effect in these photos so they can showcase the real effect.


My cheeks look more supple, no sallowness.


The coral blush seem like natural cheek colour showing through my skin.


When the light hits, the highlighted areas become the focus- the skin appear more plumped and supple.




Oh yes, that’s the makeup effect we want- natural, sheer, beautiful, irreplaceable.

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