((Bridal)) Silver Smokey with Big Sexy Lips


A traditional bridal case over the weekend ~ :3 didn’t take too many photos because myself and another assistant were trying to do 5 makeups in 2.5 hours. The theme was dramatic. The girls wanted a vintage and dramatic look. I did smokey eyes on all of them with fancy eye lashes. I used Silver and Grey for her smokey eye so that it’s still shimmering but not overly dark for a day-look.IMG_1464

The dress is pastel pink so I don’t want to go too dark. Then I used YSL Glossy Satin #13 for her lips and create a pout-y Angelina Jolie sexy lips (muah).


The color is very wearable and it suits almost any skin tones. I used the same color for the mom and she loved it. The bride had a nude smokey eye while each of the bridesmaid has the same smokey style but just in a different color.

Congrats to the adorable couple and I wish them forever happiness!

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