((Travel)) Korea 2017

The destination of our trip for the year 2017 is S. Korea! I’ve heard  much about the country but it’s my first time to see the country with my own eyes. It’s also my first time travelling with SKRTSKRT together.


On foreign soil, with 0 language skills, and 0 knowledge about the culture (except what we’ve learned from friends and travelling magazines) our adventure begins.

Like any tourist, Myeongdong was on the top of our list. After settling down at Hotel ShinShin, we quickly got ready and headed out. The streets are lined with street foods such as spicy rice cake, cheesy lobster, egg cake rolls, etc. The food stands are nicely organized, which made it easy to order and eat around. Myoedong is huge; the hottest area emcompasses three whole blocks. It’s literally a mini city in itself. You can also find all major Korean cosmetic/skincare brands here in Myeongdong. If you are an adventurous egg, explore each exit of the Myeongdong station. I know many online bloggers said exist 6 is the way to go, but with extra time, you will find surprises at each corner.

We visited a restaurant hidden in the alley, and that’s where our nightmare started. The BBQ pork was W58,000 per 100g. Bae immediately said the pricing is ridiculous. The server stood by our table, and kept asking what we’d like to order while trying to upsell us. Feeling pressured, we ordered tofu hot pot, bibimbap and soju. The total came out to be astronomical, which was wayyy more expensive than the food in Vancouver. With anger and frustration, we returned to our hotel. Then our stomach acted up. Bae had a bad stomach ache, so did mine. I woke up two times in middle of the night for washroom. The next day, my head was hurting like the world was about to end. With dry vomit, my nightmare continued for almost the entire day. Bae took advil (thank goodness for Advil and Tylenol!) and it helped to calm the digestion turmoil.

After a painful lesson, we vowed to always research before we step into the restaurant.

The next day, we visited Nansam Seoul Tower. Bae was quiet on the way. You know when one is quiet, the other would feel uneasy, because you care too much XD. Bae said it’s his head, and after 40 minutes the pain went away. Bae acted a bit more normal.


The Seoul Tower is a must-go for couples and lovers. The tower was lined up with activities made for couples (ie. Bridge of Love, Walk of Proposal etc) so if you have someone in mind- bring them here LOL.

We were there for the view so we didn’t frequent the lovers’ activities at all.

Interestingly, you can taken in the view while using the washroom!


There is Hello Kitty Museum and tons of cute stuff to do in Seoul Tower; we headed straight for food LOL.

The transfer stop is Seoul Station. As we arrived, we saw protesters crowding in front of the station- we had no idea what they were doing.

What got my attention was the pigeons! Look how well-behaved they are LOL listening intently to the speech, none moved their wing or caused any disturbance.


After observing the protest, we had lunch at a Japanese pork cutlet restaurant (oh yes, we had Japanese food in Korea XD) and felt very satisfied with their juicy thick-cut pork cutlet. We visited Lotte Outlet before heading back to the Hotel again to recharge.

Hongdae was our second top. We arrived just before dinnertime. We walked through the Saturday crowds and managed to see as much as possible- in order to get a general idea for our second visit next time. We had Churro 101 and a hot custard puff. We agreed to share everything so we can eat/try more stuff along the way. We walked for 2 hours or so, then it was time for some ZZZ… we bused back to the Hotel and passed out pretty quickly.

Thanks to Bae for holding my hand and braving the crowd for me. I am on the shyer side and sometimes I need a “shield” to help me soldier through the madness of life.




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