((Base)) IT Cosmetic – Your Skin but Better CC Cream


IT Cosmetic – Your Skin but Better CC Cream is perhaps the most popular base makeup item of the year!

It was constantly featured in Youtube and a staple item in many blogger’s cosmetic pouch. Even though I am a base makeup junkie, I was more focused on foundation rather than BB or CC cream. To me, coverage is very important, and my previous experience tells me that BB and CC cream are medium at best- that was my thought before trying IT Cosmetic – Your Skin but Better CC Cream.

IT Cosmetic CC Cream boasts the collaboration cosmetic surgeons to provide effective anti-aging and beneficial skincare ingredient.

With a slick, clean packaging, the product does appear to be more “clinical” and “approved by doctors/beauty industries”. The pump head helps to control usage, so product will not be wasted.

A shade selection ranging from fair to deep, it’s suitable for most population. If you are pale/fair skinned, fair is probably the one for you. If you are yellow toned but fair skinned, light may be a more suitable choice. With a slightly tanned skin and warm undertone, medium would be an ideal option.


The texture is sheer and creamy, more like a foundation rather than just “colour correcting cream”. Without any primer, I used Beauty Blender for application. It’s very moisturizing; it adheres to the skin very well.


I like how dewy the finish is; the complexion glows without appearing oily/greasy. The finish is natural and silky; it does what it says- medium coverage.

Concealer is necessary for severe dark circles. Just dab some “Illuminating concealer” under the eye area to erase the shadows under the eyes.

I only obtained a sample from Sephora and used it for 2-3 days; so far, I am quite happy with the result. It didn’t cause further break out nor did it irritate my sensitive skin.

What about anti-aging? I think that’s for you gents and ladies to find out 🙂

The price tag is fair, in my opinion. A tube can last a good six month with everyday use. A SPF 50+ is great protection for your skin. Take a trip to Sephora and see what everyone’s been talking about!




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