Magic of Kevin Aucoin- the Etherealist


Before and after (aka. Seaking vs. Goldeen)LOL


Kevin Aucoin– a super famous brand of makeup, is finally coming to Vancouver. As a foundation junkie, this is one I couldn’t pass up on! After examining the colour swatches, I placed my order with Sephora.


The luminescent and gold packaging is retro and vintage. The foundation bottle is disappointedly made of plastic; I would have expected glass bottle or something of a higher make, for the high price tag.



The benefit of the plastic bottle is the mobility and light to carry around. The pump is great as it helps to control foundation wasting. It also prevents bacteria or unwanted moisture from getting into the product.003


Just one pump is enough for the entire face.




Pictures are mandatory as usual; let’s look at the pre-makeup face:
Hyperpigmentation, uneven skintone.



After foundation:007

Can you see the subtle silky glow from within the skin? Without any photo editing (except cropping) the foundation creates a luminiscent and sheer makeup finish. The complexion seems buttery and well-set; it’s not powdery nor thick or cakey. Coverage is medium to high. Girls can skip the concealer with this one.

It’s easy to apply using your fingers (the all-powerful tool) or makeup brushes or Beauty Blender. Really, take your pick and the finish will be just excellent.

I love how it sits and settles on my face. My skin feels light, and not clogged at all. I have sensitive, acne-prone and rosacea skin that reacts fast to the wrong products (or just certain ingredients). I am happy to say that it’s caused no issue after a week of use. It’s been great and I adore the nice buttery finish.


With this one, I didn’t need to set it with any powder or spay, so that’s a plus in my books. As fall/winter is coming faster, the drier skin doesn’t compromise the luminescent and silky finish. Strongly recommended for winter times ❤


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