((Wedding)) Floral Princess

Happy Halloween! Happy October and November!


Apologies for the decrease in blogging posts, I have been busy with weddings, which I enjoy so so SO much! I wish I can rejoice with bridal jobs every weekend, hehehehe


This weekend, I had the honor to do a clean and chic look for my bride. The wedding was decided within weeks, so the bride-to-be skipped trial and we went straight into the “official launch”. My bride wanted to have a “garden fairy/floral princess” bridal look. She is quite an awesome gardener/florist herself, I must admit. Her little garden is full of lovely roses & of very varieties! She’s a pro in this.


The floral crown was made of fresh roses and baby spray. Of course, a piece of hydrangea always lightens up the day! I gave her a braided crown where the flowers could sit. She looks GREAT.




Second look with the dark blue dress. I added a dab of silver blue to her eyes to echo the hue of the dress. Emphasized more on the liners to bring out her eyes more. Her hairstyle is also changed to the side. I re-braided the crown to make a romantic evening look.

I feel her joy and happiness every moment of the wedding. My client’s satisfaction is my priority as a makeup & hairstylist. Anytime you need a makeup service done, ring my bell ❤ email me at crystaly1290@gmail.com

A happy ending with the bride’s doggie and I ❤ love you guys XOXO



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