Haul of September


One of the major highlights of the holiday season is the release of limited edtion products ❤ adding one more reason to the beautiful celebration of winter holidays.

The best buy belongs to Smashbox Light it Up 3 Palette Set. It comes in a nice, sturdy red plastic box. The box is durable enough for makeup storage. Within the box, comes the 3 mini beauties.

From left to right – lip, contour and eyeshadow palettes.

Look at the 3 preciouses :


The colour combinations are perfect for everyday wear. The pigment is not overly done so it’s especially suiting for people who just started exploring makeup.

Next, we come to my no. favourite base makeup (drom roll, please) Suqqu Frame Fix Foundation & Blush #01 Tsutomaki.

I can’t say enough good things about the Frame Fix Foundation. Once you’ve got your hands on it, you’ll fall in love.


As my skin is prone to acne and breakouts, I tend to choose foundation with medium – high coverage level. Suqqu Frame Fix does just that! Don’t let the price tag scare you away. Just one pump is enough for the whole face. It will last you almost an entire year with everyday use.

I am a foundation junkie but I’ve found myself going back to Suqqu constantly. It’s my must-have and HG now.


Another “notoriously” beautiful release by Suqqu this A/W season is the Pure Colour Blush #tsubomizaki

It’s a gradient blush that allows versatility. On days you feel more like a sporty girl, dab more coral/orange on your cheeks! If you want to play up the fluffy cuteness on a date night, use more of the pink on the left. I use the colours blended together and they are b

eautiful. It’s elegance and cuteness in one compact.



This A/W season, continues the trend of lip colour craze. Though most brands are launching velvet matte finish, I still prefer lip tint or lip shine with a stronger moisturizing focus.

Chanel # 46 (Liberte) is just the right mix of pink and coral. It compliments my natural lip colour so I don’t look made-up or too out of place.

It’s a colour for the office, school, girls’ night and your first date. You can’t go wrong with this one.


This is me without lip colour. Look how dry my lips are (sob), Vancouver autumn is harsh I


ell you!


To truthfully test its moisturizing strength, I skipped the lip balm and just glide Chanel #46 onto my bare lips-


The dehydration lines are gone! This is a miracle!

Instead of caking into the lips, #46 pumped up my lips with natural shine without looking “wet” or fake.



I’d recommend this to you. Have a try with Chanel, you are in for a treat!

Next up is Bobbi Brown Face Touch-Up Palette. I purchased this at the Premium Outlet in Seattle. Thank you my honey for driving me to shop there :p

I came across this and thought it’d be a handy tool for sleepless nights. We all know how great the Bobbi Brown Corrector is for dark circles, and luckily, it comes with this palette so I can save more room in my makeup pouch.



It’s quite small so it’s convenient for travelling. It has everything (except the applicators) but we all have a million brushes at home (lol) so just pick up a few to bring with you on the road.

Mascaras of the month are Kate and Kiss Me. It’s my go-to pals. They are both waterproof and smudgeproo. Whether you have oily eye lids or is heading into the pool, they are there for you ❤

Kate has the comb brush that creates definitive length and curl without clumps. The mascara is thin and slick. The black metallic finish of the mascara tube adds sheen and a bit of class.


Kiss me, the legendary queen of waterproof, smudge-proof mascara with unparalleled durability. The bristles are fine to pick out even the smallest of the lashes. Not one shall be missed. The curvy design is intentional to uphold the curl of the lashes. 008

I can honestly say this is the most durable mascara I have ever used. Tears- no problem. Swimming- go ahead. Sauna or the steamroom? Just hop right in.

Kiss Me will do you proud in all the important occasions 😀 If you are searching for the HG mascara that will stay on for 24hrs, no, 48 hrs, you’ve found the one.


Excel is 2-way brow pencil is another must-buy on your Asian Store shopping trip. They can be found in Crystal Mall (for you Vancouver girls/gents) or online with the power of Google.

They come in 10 different colours so you can be 99% positive to find your perfect shade. Featured here is Ashy Brown. My hair is a faded brown colour but I have no trouble matching it up.

One end is the brown pencil; unfortunately it is not self-sharpening. The end does become dull with use. Just try different angles and it shouldn’t be a problem. Resting on the other end is the spoolie brush to soften out the edges and lines. It came into my Sept Fav list because of its ease of use and high staying power.



Even after a day at work (with no touch-up), the brows are still neatly defined – picture below. I prefer softer brows as you can see (hehehe). This is my with a light hand on the brows.


On days where I prefer a stronger brow, Excel can definitely create the look as well.


In conclusion, my Sept list of Fav. is complete. What are your top favorite of the month?






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