((Eyes)) Sparkle with Nars


Happy Thanksgiving!


It was Thanksgiving here in Canada, and as old tradition dictates, a turkey dinner is a must-have. Before turkey, I had a friend’s dinner scheduled in the afternoon. Since the lunch will be consisted of mostly girls, we must dress and do our makeup “appropriately” (lol). As in not overly done so you get behind-the-back stabs but not so casual that the hostess stops you at the door and re-route you to another restaurant.

The eye shadow of choice of choice is the lovely Nars. I am sure you guys have seen this a million times, but I just have to repeat again “IT’S AWESOME”

Nars makeup has yet to disappoint me. Even though glitter and shimmers are replaced with matte or satiny finish for a more versatile usage, Nars still manages to make a “BAM” with it’s newest release of Hardwired Eye shadow.

Start with Earth Shine – a soft iridescent rose gold as base. Apply a thin layer with your finger tips all over the lids.

Dab a bit of Lunar, a metallic lilac, and focus on the ends of your eyes and gently blend it with Earth Shine to create depth and a bit of  “pop” to your eyes.


Contrary to popular belief that shimmers and glimmers create “puffy, swollen eyes”, Nars Hardwire (with its a billion bucks shine) gives dimension and depth to the eyes.


And…of course, this look has won much compliments at the Girls’ Lunch dates (yes!)

Since Christmas is looming around in the corner, I think it’s a pretty awesome look to wear for the holiday season, don’t you think?




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