((Makeup)) *NEW* Lingerie for the Face- Guerlain Lingerie de Peau



Came across the new product release by Guerlain and I can’t wait to share it with you! The new release of Lingerie de Peau Perfection Naturelle is a new revolutionary base makeup by Guerlain. The makeup finish is neither dewy nor matte, it aims to provide a medium-high coverage with a satiny feel (like lingerie!)

The packaging is sleek as always. The chic black is decorated by the gold lacing around the box.

guerlain002The glass bottle glows under my lamp light like a delicate jewelry. It’s not just a cosmetic product, it’s also a well-designed decor on your dresser.

The cap is embossed with the name of Guerlain. With SPF 20, it’s just right for everyday office work and the cold winter coming.

guerlain003It’s not overly heavy to suffocate the skin, yet it’s just powerful enough to shield us from the harmful UV rays in our daily activities.

Instead of 010, 020, Guerlain also introduced a new colour system that consists warm, cool and neutral skintones, so I recommend you trying it out in person before purchasing. You now have a wider selection! (yay!)


Anyway, let’s start with my naked face.


Skin discoloration, redness around the nose and dark circles under the eyes- eternal concerns of mine…


With my foundation brush, in light strokes, I brushed the foundation over the entire face. I went over once and you can see the subtle glow within the skin. It’s satin finish is lovely. It’s natural and provides enough coverage over my problem areas.




This is me after setting my makeup and drawing in my brows and lips. How do I look? Overall, I adore the lovely finish. It covers up my flaws and does not appear cakey or overly done. I didn’t use any concealer or other base products (other than Guerlain and Sheer Press to set my face).


As I am combination-dry, I do find myself blotting after 4-5 hours into the day. I powdered up again late afternoon. If you are on the oily side, do pay caution before purchasing. But it’s definitely a GO in my books for combination and dry skin girls.

Try it and tell me how you like it 🙂




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