Stay Sharp with Annabelle (wink)

annabelle.JPGBelieve me that I have gone through many proclaimed “self-sharpening” eye brow pens before, but I haven’t come across one that fulfills its promise so perfectly.

A simple drugstore brand- Annabelle- I came across it in one of my shopping trips to the supermarket. I have been searching for a compact, light, and “uncomplicated” brow product that can satisfy my list of criteria
1. Easy- the less to bring the better
2. Multi-purpose
3. Natural
4. Long-lasting, waterproof and smudge proof

Most products on the market can meet the challenges of 1-4, except #3- natural. Goodness know how hard it is to find a matching brow color!

I ended up buying Annabelle Brow Pen. Its chubby belly makes it easy to hold. It’s self sharpening so I can save room for other stuff in my bag. It’s a simple pen, just one item and you can fill in the bold spots (LOL) while providing definition to the lovely arches. The colour is natural and complimentary for most hair colors. Whether you are on the ashy side, warm, cool, neutral (as long as you are in the dark-medium brown range) this color will fit you without hassle.


Beware that the brow pen does go very fast because of its buttery texture. Once it’s blunt, just push down for more, then close the cap and “twist”. Just give it a few twisting and you will have a brand new, all-sharp, ready-to-go brow pen again 😀

Now this is blunt:


Click the brow pen and more comes out:


Put on the cap and twist it:


Brand new <3~


That’s just heaven!

I definitely recommend you beautifuls to check it out. It’s under $10 and you will be getting a BANG out of the buck.

The finish is natural and I’ve fallen in love with it already



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