((Food Monster)) Chillin’ w/ Sushi @ General Public

Traditional Japanese cuisine with a rock-and-roll twist.

General Public Sushi Lounge @ 3289 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

After a day of BBQ, the sky turned dark as dusk falls. The heat of the summer has left us with chills. Friends suggested that we should end the night with a special dinner 😀

Usually you will keep so many places in mind, but when someone pops the question – where should we eat at? You just can’t manage to recall any LOL

Finally, after a series of lame brainstorming, someone came up with the brilliant suggestion of “General Public”. Judging from the name, the restaurant sounds more like a nightclub/ lounge rather than a Japanese dining spot. We assembled the carpooling team and drove to our destination.

There’s only street parking available so first come first serve *smile*. Luckily, we found some spots just right in front of the restaurant (high five!) The hostess greeted us immediately and brought us to the table. The menu was humongous (!!) bigger than the tables. On the front page it discloses the mission statement from uncle Sam haha.

Besides regular rolls such as California rolls, dynamite rolls, alaska rolls, etc., General Public also offers a creative twist on all the traditional favourites. If you are feeling the muchies, definitely go for the platter!

Below is the Room for Two. Look at those rolls!

Displaying image2.JPG

It’s a mix of Philadelphia, San Francisco, Cucu roll and Viva Vegas so you can get a taste of the popular orders.

Because we were still kind of full from the BBQ, we chose the more reserve route. Though I was excited to order sharing platters, I know it wouldn’t be too wise. Cherish and do not waste food (nagging mode ON) lol

I ordered the Italian roll (one in the middle with porsciutto on top enriched with mango deep fried shrimp tempura and imitation crab meat. The right on your screen is The Main (if I remember correctly) and Barbie Roll on the left. They are all very creative and delicious.

Displaying IMG_9079.JPG

Displaying image1.JPG

While we were busy chowing down the beautiful rolls, there is a DJ at work to your entertainment.


Exotic atmosphere, creative food, hip music and great company- what more could one ask for?


Definitely a memorable sushi night!

What’s your favorite sushi spot?




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