Fancy Vancouver- Diners en Blanc


This summer has been a very adventurous event so far, for us. As our anniversary surprise, my BB prepared a secret dinner for us. It’s purely luck. He used both of our emails for the roster and it’s a miracle to be chosen!

Because my email was selected to join (oOMG) so I had to registered for the both of us (lol) Beau was disappointed that the surprise had to be revealed ahead of time, but I was super surprised with this well-executed anniversary dinner regardless.


You do have to pay a registration and membership for the event. You get to bring a guest (everyone has to come in pairs at least) and you will be provided a shopping list of things to bring 😀

That’s where the bonding and adventure begin!

For starters, this is a very DIY intensive dinner. As a participant of Diner en Blanc, you have to bring tools to assemble your own dining table. And yes, the list does provide you with specific dimensions, so your tables should fit with the others.


Instead of splurging on a fold-able table, my sweet genius decided to make his own. He bought the white table top (the cardboard) and small laptop resting desk (white little stand there). We did get fold-able chairs (white, of course), they are the two metals sticking out of the basket. The Sweet Genius tied the chair legs together with a string, and secured it with the table top, so everything could be carried on the trolley. My job was to carry the little skeleton.


He is very creative, I must admit. At first, I thought he bought a new groceries cart. Instead, the grey basket = his laundry basket, which he cleaned the night before so it’s good for carrying our stuff. It’s one brilliant idea and saved us a lot of money for this DIY project.

You cannot miss the meet-up point. Everyone is dressed in white. Be aware, any colour other than pure white will be VERY obvious. Ie. eggshell white, ivory white, etc, will stand out in the crowd.


Everyone was very well dressed and fashionable. Vancouver in style!! (where is the big camera guns and paparazzi!!??) People stopped to observe the spectacle and we were not shy to share.

Your table leader will give you a bag of energy bars in case you are hungry already. He/she will also give you two wrist bands, which will be checked by security before you enter the event.

We were led to Stadium Science World this year. The whole field was occupied by the white crowd. The event host even had white Ferrarri other expensive cars (various brands but it just confuses me; I can remember makeup but not cars lol).

The white beauty (aka car) got my bf’s blood boiling. Since selfie is more a girl thing, I will photograph with the car (sacrifice LOLLLL) for him HAHAHA.



Of course, a car lover such as him, got jealous and asked to take a picture with two cars!!


LOL. I am a brilliant photographer, eh?



There are talented performers to welcome you into the dining place.


I am especially impressed by the acrobatics.


Look at these fashionable ladies ❤





Once everyone’s settled, you can bring your “meal ticket” to the food station. They will have boxes for you, depending on your orders. If you fancy wine, you could select that option online when you register for the event.

We bought option #2, salad with seared tuna.dinner-en-blanc012



The food will be handed to you in boxes. They are well packaged so nothing spills. Top is the salad to start with, then the entree of tuna, and creme brulee to end the meal (white lid).

And I got a surprise white rose ❤ ❤



He whipped up home-made virgin kiwi cocktail on the spot. He made the kiwi puree and bought a special tonic water for the mix. I was impressed! Must admit he is very thoughtful and sweet. He thought of everything! (Even the lemon slice for decor)dinner-en-blanc015

Let’s dig in!! We brought our own plates and utensils as instructed. So remove the to-go box and plate the content however you wish.dinner-en-blanc018

The salad was the most delicious green I’ve ever had! The look isn’t much but as mom said- don’t judge a book by its cover. The salad was very refreshing and stimulating on the palate. It’s a mix of sweet and sour. The berries and dressing add in the sweetness, the organic tomatoes and lemons add in the zesty pop. The two tunes sang in harmony and I wished we could’ve gotten seconds haha. The picture shows a tomato with a pattern like watermelon LOL. Had to take this photo to share with you guys.dinner-en-blanc019

After dinner, you are free to tour the area. This is our man of the day. His costume is something that draws you in. He colored the beard white with sparkles, with fancy bathrobes and some bling – he was the most popular man of the evening.dinner-en-blanc020

When night falls, it’s time to light up the sparklers!dinner-en-blanc021dinner-en-blanc022

This is me trying to draw some shapes but failed LOL


and me staring at how others are doing lol.

There are special performances all around the place. White clowns, dancers, mimes, etc.


Big bubbles in changing colours- a picture-must 😀dinner-en-blanc024

We had lots of fun even though it was a lot of work! You basically have to assemble everything yourself, and everything has to be WHITE. We shopped for purely white outfits as we do not have any in-stock. Bought white shoes and other stuff. We budgeted pretty well considering we DIY-ed most things as much as we could. It was a very FUN experience and it will get you addicted. You will definitely return next year!dinner-en-blanc025

What do you think/know about Diners en Blanc? If you’ve been, I want to know!


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