((Eyes)) Charm with Essence


Essence. A makeup line that can be found in almost all corners of drugstores. I am shocked that I did not notice its presence before, though I pass by Shoppers a million times a week.

I noticed it first in Superstore, when I was hunting down deals. The shelf was beautifully lighted and well-stocked. What attracted me was the cheap eye palettes. Girls are always missing “IT” color from their collections, that’s why we keep buying LOL

It’s just in time for summer. The golden sand of beaches, the pearly white of the clouds and mixed with a tone of neutral earth.

With maybe less than $10, I brought the palette home.


Plastic casing makes it light and mobile. It’s compact to squeeze into your knapsack (smile).


The colors are very shimmering from the look. They can be applied using your finger tips; the colors are very vivid and vibrant so you don’t even need to swipe your brushes like a madman.


There are 6 colors so you can play with combination however you wish.


For my natural look, I used 5 of them. Don’t worry, they are easy to blend.



  1. Use #1 on the entire lid, just under the brow bone to even out the skin color.
  2. #2 just above the crease slightly, to create subtle depth.
  3. #3 is the fun tangy color. Blend it on the crease to blur the lines between colour #1 and #2, so two colors can echo in harmony.
  4. the darkest color. It’s a khaki grey-ish brown. Use it along the lashline and blend it upward the crease so create a nice and neat color gradient.
  5. #5 is the golden sand (love). Dab with your ring finger and press on the centre of your lid.



and… we are done!

It’s a neutral and earthy look to wear for everyday and every occasion. Wear it to a girls’ night out, a date, or to work!

It’s simple and subtly accentuate the depth of your eyes. After all, the best magic of makeup is not notice at all, but naturally become MORE beautiful ❤

What do you think? Try it out!



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