((Life)) Sweat in Style @ Seawheeze

lululemon-seawheezeI don’t know if you guys have heard, but Lululemon Seawheeze was in-town this past weekend (smile). It was my first time voluncheering for this grand event…

DC and I signed up around April or May, for the Gear Check role at 8:30am. Getting up early on a Saturday morning was a pain but we managed to arrive on-time. When we got there, the muffins and fruits were all gone. To avoid starvation, I bought some treat from the café next door. Luckily, Lululemon did not forget about us (yay) and replenished goodies just-in-time. After a couple coffee and muffin (+banana), we grabbed a booth at the Gear Check Room.


The rule was simple. When the marathon champions arrive, give them the happiest cheer of your life!

(Running fashionably with a hint of retro style)




(marathon heroes and heroines in the lobby stretching and resting)


Gradually, runners started to come in. They were all winners. Whoever can finish that 21km run is definitely a hero in my book. Seeing the smile and satisfaction on everyone’s face, it was the highest point of my day.


The Sunset Festival started at 4:30pm but we took a stroll in downtown before attending the show. Lululemon has secured a great spot for the Sunset Festival in the heart of Stanley Park. The traffic was well directed and we were lucky to find a parking spot after making a few rounds. Security was tight so you can enjoy worry-free. Your bags will be checked by the security staff, and there were also mobile “ID checkers” so you can have your IDs checked at your convenience.

The food stands offer choices of burger, poutine and tacos. I chose tacos at first and lined up for about 1 hours before getting some food. DC was dispatched to the burger line-up. You can order single burger or make it a meal with fries. While you are biting into that juicy food, try a brew or two 😀 All food stations have ciders and beers for your meals. Of course, you can always visit the “drink spot” for a refreshing sip.

We found a spot on the crowded lawn. As the night falls, a tall robot showed up for a dance-off. Crowd went crazy with his appearance. Even a 13-year old girl was showing her flashy moves for the dance battle LOL

Chromeo, then, stole the show by performing their best songs. It was a once-in-a-lifetime awesomeness LOL

If you haven’t experienced Seawheeze, you are definitely missing a big chunk out of an event called “life”. Maybe I will see you there next year!




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