((Base)) Tick-Tock Magic Starts- Hourglass VANISH!


Starting the gloomy cloudy day with a ray of beautiful complexion finish (smile). Monday is not the most popular day of the week, but Hourglass has changed that for me. After a late night of pokemon-catching, I find myself indulging in the shade of dark circles- the morning after head ache. As you may already, I am a self-proclaim foundation/base junkie, so that means I have to get my hands on new launch of base makeup LOL. Hourglass, as soon as it arrived on the store shelf, I am there to witness its beauty.


The package is slick and simple as always. Hourglass Vanish- Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. I chose #Nude as my colour (self-matched).hourglass-foundation-stick001hourglass-foundation-stick002

Nude is a neutral tone that compliments most skin tones.

The foundation stick is an interesting triangle. Simply twist the foundation stick to use. Don’t worry. You can always twist the other way around if too much came out. You won’t be wasting any products.hourglass-foundation-stick003hourglass-foundation-stick004

I like the special shape. It’s unique and won’t roll off the dresser table LOL. It’s easy to stand on its own – the firm base prevents easy knock-over accidents.


Let’s have a look at my before-makeup face:hourglass-foundation-stick005

Just to emphasize on the imperfections, I have enlarge half of my naked face. The blemished cheeks, pigmentation around the nose and the purple-ish overcast under my eyes.


Oh, and pores around the nose area.


After Vanish-


Just so show the true effect, no primer and no colour correction products are used here. I applied only moisturizer (no tint) then Vanish Foundation Stick.


(Below- Before VS After)hourglass-foundation-stick009

Skin tone is a lot more even. The finish is satin and semi-matte. Pores are concealed. The dark circles are almost completely gone.


Finished look-


Blush- Nars Goulue

Liner- Dolly Wink Liquid Liner

Lip- Tarte Rain Forest of the Sea

Brow- MAC True Brunette

Contour- Integrate Dimension Contour & Highlight

Mascara- Fasio Volume Mascara


The skin is silky with a hint of dewy glow. From every angle, the finish is natural and soft.

I do find that the foundation stick is quite moisturizing. As I have combination skin, I had to blot throughout the day. After approximately 5-6 hours, my nose becomes quite “reflective” lol. I do have to blot throughout the day so it’s a good idea to bring a touch-up powder 😀

Though it does not take my combination skin too well, it still successfully wooed my heart with this beautiful and flawless finish. It’s my best purchase of the season yet (heart). I hope you guys pay it a visit this summer too (especially for the drenched beauties out there *wink*)


Enjoy the rest of your day! I’ll see you next time ❤


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