((Base)) Estee Lauder ToGo-Foundation Stick

It is an innovative idea to have the legendary Double Wear in a tube– so it can be our guardian angel everywhere, anytime!





When I read about the new launch, I had to have it (scream). I am a fan of Double Wear (the legendary glass bottle); how could I skip on the compact version? The design is slick and chic. It’s encapsulated with Estee Lauder’s symbolic colour of gold. The transparent body lets you see how much you have used/left, so you won’t be left stranded one day – not having a drop to save your date.


It comes with a spongy head for application. Just twist and let the sponge do its job. Once the sponge has absorbed enough (when the colour has turned) you’d know it’s ready for your face 😀


For cleaning, just twist the golden ring (as shown by the arrow) and the sponge will pop off. Rinse it with makeup cleaners and let it dry in a well-ventilated area. You will have a clean sponge in no-time. Twist it back on once it’s completely dry and you are ready to go.

To apply, just dab gently on the face and buff out the foundation with the sponge head. The sponge is soft but sturdy. It allows for precise application around areas of the nose, corners of the mouth and the discolouration around the eyes. It’s good for the delicate areas of the face.






Voila! The annoying blemishes are gone. The redness of my cheeks is no longer in existence. Overall, the finish is sheer and natural. With severe discolouration/dark circles, it’s best to whip out a concealer rather than caking on with more foundation.

After 8 hours of work under a 28-degree Celsius weather and with no touch-up in between (only blotting of the forehead and nose) my complexion is still looking fresh and set. It’s like screaming – I am ready for another round! LOL


Good for Estee Lauder for coming up with a such a convenient product. Now you can have Double Wear right by your side, wherever you go. No more fear of looking bad!





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