((Makeup)) Makeup Forever- False Lash Express <3 Excessive Lashes!

Makeup Forever (MUFE to abbreviate) has released a new mascara!! I came across their new product during one of my frequent trips to Sephora (shhhh). The mascara wand is smaller than you average volume-effect mascara on the market, yet, MUFE is breaking the status quo- Size Does Not Matter!

It’s made to create panoramic volume with an eye-opening effect with ease. As a curious makeup blogger/junkie/artist, I was itching to get my paws on them (= =+)

Excessive Lash Arresting Volume Mascara I000023551

The wand is small so it captures the shortest of the lashes. I adore it’s neat size so it doesn’t smear on your lids. It’s easy to maneuver, even for your lower lashes!

Clump and smudge-free.

On a hot and humid summer weekend, I put it to the test. It didn’t produce any fall-out or gifted me with panda eyes (thank goodness).

During some not-so-happy incidents, my tear duct became ultra active. So … the mascara does not appear to be water-proof. It ran along my face with my tears (sob some more) so definitely add a coat of water-proof mascara on top to set it (invincible is the key!)

Just to compare its effect- on your left is MUFE Excessive Lash VS another mascara on your right.


Just one coat of MUFE, and my lashes are flying~~


Both eyes with MUFE Excessive


It’s almost as if I am wearing false lashes (ooopsss). Just looking at these pictures makes me want to buy more to stock up!! Hahahaha~

Even from afar you can see the lashes nice and clear! Even the shy lower lashes are showing up to say hello.


Definitely a great product- MUFE you did it again!





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