((Life)) It’s here! IMATS Vancouver 2016

Hi everyone, I bet you are extremely curious about what I looted from the notoriously famous IMATS held in Vancouver. Well, let’s start with a schedule walk-through of my day first… as this is my first IMATS ever, I want to share with you all that has happened (then compare it with the year after haha).


The great event is being held in the Convention Centre this year. The weather, sadly, isn’t too cooperative when we arrived. It was showering here and there; nonetheless, the low temperature and cold rain drops did not dim our high spirit.

We arrived at 8:00 am (yes, we are that insane) to avoid big line-ups. When I arrived, there was already a lineup of 50 people ahead of me. We were all waiting for the ticket booth to open to scan us through. Finally, the clock pointed to 9 and the doors finally opened.

I must recommend a few things so you guys can be ready to battle:

  1. Bring cash. It’s the wonderful trading vehicle of all goods LOL. Many of the vendors were American so they could charge you CAD $ if you offered cash. If you want to use plastics, the prices will come up in USD $ plus service fees, etc., so the purchase may end up being more expensive than you thought.


Another good point about using cash is to complete your purchases faster. Some vendors simply do not have merchant services available (they are only here for 3 days at most) so paying cards is not the wisest choice.


  1. Pens and paper. “What? This is not a class, is it?” you may ask. As famous MUAs will be hitting the spot with seminars, bring tools to jot down precious knowledge. You will learn LOTS today.


  1. Snack and water. Save for the makeup goodies and bring your own food! There is a coffee stand in the Convention Centre, but the prices are… well, very “subjective”. The best is to bring your own drinks and light snacks, so you can stay hydrated and energized.


Reminders aside, I first visited Nars. I adore their eye-shadows and have always wanted to own more of their products. Fortunately, I was able to get my paws on Impassioned, Sheer Glow Foundation, and Cream Concealer.  (psss, Nars only accepts cash). Though I wanted to get Cool Shark but they were already sold out. Many of the more popular items were all gone. So… don’t hesitate.


Brushes, brushes, brushes, and quality ones. My first target was Sigma; however, looking from the long long long lines of people, it will probably be next year if I were to get my turn. We ran to Bdellium instead, before it becomes crowded as well.

Bdellium offers a variety of brushes and tools, for beauty and FX. If you are looking for special and durable brushes, Bdellium would a great choice.

Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu 955P Finishing Brush Bdellium Tools Studio Line 959S Powder Blending Brush Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu 949P Pointed Foundation Brush  Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu 989P Inverted Face Blending Brush Bdellium Tools Maestro Series 953M Duet Fiber Foundation Brush Bdellium Tools Maestro Series 959M Powder Blending Brush

Poise. A makeup line based in the States. The brand specializes in TV, media and HD makeup products. Everything is made into a mobile palette form so it’s easy to carry, not to mention space-saving.

The eyeshadows were beautiful ❤ I hope to see more of them around!

We came across Cailyn because of Miss Jen. She used one of the brushes in her videos so it got us interested. My friend tried their lip colour, which lasted the whole day without a smudge. Not leaving a trace of ink on glasses, cup or drinks. I regret not buying a few (sob) so that’s in  my shopping list for 2017.



Many of the booths were crowded with long line-ups, so I could only stay briefly at each booth when there was less people. In total, we stayed there from 8am to 5pm. What an exhausting day!

Aside from amazing loot, I got a chance to witness the Battle of the Brushes in person. the artists are truly talented and so are the models- extremely professional.


Before the end of day, we attended one last seminar which brought the day to a close.


I think it’s time to look at some of my loots 😀 ya?

At the time of battle, I felt like I must’ve bought a heap of goodies. But I wish I had gotten more now that I count each of them (LOL)


As previously mentioned, Nars was my no.1 target booth. I got the concealer (custard), blush (impassioned) and a foundation. The Audacious Mascara was a little gift for customers visiting that day. It’s a convenient travel-size so I can have my Nars to-go (hehehehee).

The hair-brush look-like is from Cailyn, the same brand that carries the infallible lip-color. MAC carries a similar one, which I haven’t tried yet so I can’t say if one is substitute of the other. I am very satisfied with the foundation brush. Despite its odd shape, it’s ultra easy to apply and your foundation and base product. It does not absorb excess product so you will not be wasting your money.


It’s won many awards. I am not surprised. It’s amazing!

Cailyn has another brush which caught my eye. It’s retailed for $78 USD and it was sold for CAD 50 on day of the event. It’s my first time trying out this brand so I wanted to keep it conservative and not over-splurge. I am amazed with its quality now that after using the tooth-brush look-alike. I am definitely getting the round chubby brush next year (yay!)


As I appreciate quality makeup, I bought HD foundation palette from Poise. Their HD line is exquisite and beautiful. You have to try it to believe it!


The foundation palette comes in 3 different variation. First is for the fairest skin type, the second is for Asian and tanned skin, then the third palette is a mix of lovely cocoa and golden brown shades, suitable for the naturally ebony beauties.

It’s light and mobile. Being a makeup artist/junkie, the weight of bags is crucial. If you can bring compact items, don’t bring glass bottles. Believe me, your shoulders and back will thank you.





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