((Eyes)) Turn up the heat- Nars Audacious Mascara


Nothing much needs to be said about this. Even from the matte packaging, you can tell it’s by Nars. With its signature paper wrap in chic dark, Nars has created a unique look for its brand.


The Audacious Mascara is a traveling size, which I received during my visit to Nars at IMATS. Though a gift of purchase, the quality is as good as a full-sized one.


It tiny so you can pack it up to go in a light bag. Whether in your makeup pouch, daily work handbags, or a side pocket- it’s a great companion of delight.003


The only downfall for the matte black is the ease of leaving finger prints and stains all over it. For clean freaks (OCD suffers) it’s a challenge to clean off the spots, lol.



The mascara wand is built in variance of height so it could capture even the tiniest lash. No one lash shall escape its embrace.

I think it’s time to put it to the test.

Before application:

My natural lashes are long but lacking in volume. In the first picture, you can’t even tell that I have any! Q_Q


After application (one stroke) no primers used.

Ta-da! With one coat of mascara, my lashes have become more obvious. Even in head shots (third picture from your right) my eye lashes are more pronounced. From the side profile (first on your left) the lashes seem fuller and more voluminous.

Final thoughts:

Nars Audacious Mascara creates volume as advertised. It does produce some lengthening effect but its emphasis is on giving you a fuller set of lashes, so you can flaunt around and wink with confidence (lol). The effect is long-lasting and I had no fall out in the first 6-7 hours of application. It does slowly create a dark smudge around the lower part of my eyes but it’s already after work so it’s time to remove your makeup anyway. For beach lovers/swimmers, it’s probably not a good mascara to wear on a water-splashing date. If you are having a romantic candlelight dinner, it’d be a nice ammunition so you can amplify your charm to the fullest.

It’s a good mascara to have for the loyal followers of Nars, it creates a natural look for day and you can amplify more by layering on duplicate coats. As there’s no primer required beforehand, I am impressed by its voluminous effect. One product that does what it promises to do, isn’t that what we all want? hehehehe

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little post so far. See you next time!



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