((Event)) 5,4,3,2…IMATS

As all beauty fanatics are counting down to the BIG/HUGE/CRAZY event of IMATS coming this Saturday (aka tomorrow) have you got your shopping list ready yet?

So far, Nars & Sigma are my primary goals (must-go booths!) This is my first year of IMATS, so I really don’t know what to expect. All I know is- start with a shopping list and bring cash LOL. The last thing you want happening, aside from paying heavy credit card bills, is to run out of money while drooling over the goodies.

I will spare you from my endless chatter and get on with my list of things!


Blush is a big hit of the brand. I believe it’s a must-have in anyone’s makeup kit, whether you are pro or an at-home hobbyist.

Aside from the big & versatile O (below)

Nars - Blush - Orgasm

which I am sure you guys all know what I am referring to LOL

Other colors to add to my kit are:

Taos (for darker skin/tanned) dessert rose with shimmers

Nars - Blush - Taos

Oasis (good for fair and tanned skin) sparkling pink Champaign

Nars - Blush - Oasis

Mata Hari (rose petal pink)

Nars - Blush - Mata Hari

Amour (peachy pink that’s great for summer cheeks)

Nars - Blush - Amour

Dolce Vita (dusty rose)

Nars - Blush - Dolce Vita

If you are new to Nars, here are some blushes to be considered:

Desire (cotton candy pink for fair skinned)

Nars - Blush - Desire

Impression (lovely peachy pink with subtle blue hue)

Nars - Blush - Impassioned

Liberte (burnt apricot)

Nars - Blush - Liberte


Start with easy colours that can be worn every day. Once you are in love with it, shop for more.

Nars Shadows are pricey but they are well worth the price. So if I run into a sale, I will only buy MORE lol.

Beginner colours- Kalahari Gold & cocoa

Nars - Eyeshadow Duo  - Kalahari

Kuala Lumpur

Nars - Eyeshadow Duo  - Kuala Lumpur


Nars - Eyeshadow Duo  - Portobello



The earthy tones are beautiful on fair and tanned complexion. They also show up well on Asian eyes. Adding to that, if regular colours do not excite you anymore, try China Seas

Nars - Eyeshadow Duo - China Seas


Nars - Eyeshadow Duo  - Underworld

for some out-of-the-box fun.

My main goal is to stock up earthy colours as I use them the most often. The rare ones can wait, and I will collect those one at a time lol.


For lippies, I am looking at NYX. Thought you can find the brand in Shoppers and other drugstores, they never carry the complete line (sad face). So I hope to see more at IMATS because I can’t wait to try the Lip Suede and Ombre collection.



Makeup products and tools go hand-in-hand. I definitely cannot miss Sigma and Bdellium. I have heard great things about them and tomorrow is the time to witness their grandeur in person!

Just talking about this makes me excited! Count down starts now! I will ttyl beauties! Wait for my good news 😀



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