((Smooch)) Sephora Cream Lip Stain




Matte finish with luxurious sheen? Plus a high staying power? No kidding!

Sephora Creme Lip Stain :3 I came across this lovely product on one of my makeup jobs. While we were mixing and customizing clients’ lip colors, one girl had this as her secret weapon. It’s small and light, which makes it perfect for travel and touch-up on the go.

The tube is skinnier than average lip gloss/stain products, so you can pop one in your jeans pocket without having a bulging bun-bun.

I chose the color 13 Marvelous Mauve. With a subtle sheen and matte finish, it spells the word “in-fashion” for 2016. Cream Lip Stain comes with 15 shades, from the most raving reds to the more luxurious corals, pinks and purple.


The applicator is a common slanted spongy head. It does not over-absorb the color so the tube rim is always neat and clean. 002

To test its moisturizing quality and color finish, I did not use any lip balm or conditioning products before applying the Lip Stain.


The Cream Lip Stain is not drying when applied onto my dehydrated lips. However, colors do accentuate my dehydrating lines :(( This teaches us to be more diligent with our daily skincare routine lol

In this drying weather, the lip stain does not cause chap lips or further dehydration. It;s definitely a lip color for everyday wear. It’s already one of my must-have items in my makeup pouch.


The subtle rosy tone makes it suitable for any eye makeup. I am wearing the Integrate Sweet Heart Eyes, with a darkliner and the Lip Stain.

(Integrate Sweet Heart Shadow)


A closer look at the eye makeup:



Overall finish:


I hope you enjoy this Friday evening read. Have a wonderful weekend 😀 ttyl


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