((Makeup)) Tarte Energy Noir


Who knew that such a little palette could pack such a big power 😀

Tarte Energy Noir comes with 6 eye colours focusing on the theme of romantic purple. The colour is divided into two primary textures- shimmer and matte. The rectangular shades below are more creamy, therefore, thicker and more saturated in color.002

The bigger color block on the right is the blush 🙂 it’s a soft, matte pastel pink that compliments the eye shades perfectly. The shimmer nude below the blush color could be used as a highlight, to add that “umph” at the end of a makeup look. (More room in your bag! Woohoo)


Quickly, I used this palette to create an evening look for my date tonight.


Use #1 on the entire lid. I also dabbed the pastel white below the arch of the brow to even out my lid color and bring out the bone structure more.


To create depth, add color #2 on the ending corners of your eyes. Use a slanted slim brush to do so, it’s easier to control.

Use a clean, medium fluffy brush to blend the shimmery grey with the nude base.005

#3 is a grey-ish purple, which I draw in on the crease. You can use a thin liner brush or an eye brow brush for this. Draw in a thin line along the top lash line, then blend it upward to the crease. This creates a natural mini-smokey look.006

The finished product-> 007

The shading on the corner is natural and provide a depth, making the eyes “talk” and “pop”.

Of course, we finish with an eye liner liquid on the lash line base.

For mono-lid ladies, bring color #2 and #3 (yellow outline) a little upward so the colors will be visible and not eaten up by the inner-fold lids.


The look is natural and sweet under every light.


Room natural light (taken in front of an open window):010

Under tungsten light (warm):



White light:


I adore this mini palette. It’s small in size, yet, it’s packed with so much power and sexiness ❤ Hey, I think you are ready to rock the town!


I am adding this to my makeup pouch fore sure. What’s your must-bring eye palette?


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