((Makeup)) Natural Elegance- the Princess Doll


On this Friday evening, I took out my makeup brushes and started to paint. The one thought came into my mind was “natural elegance”.

Starting with Laura Mercier Base cream, I used it as the wash of colour. After evening out the eye lids, I added a matte bone colour to the entire eye.

Use a small eye shadow brush, dab some matte brown on the crease of your lids. Neutral tones are harder to show up in pictures, so be sure you “press” the colour in with some pressure. You can always check under a white light to make sure the shade shows up just right.

I won’t lie. This may seem simple but it actually took me about 30 minutes to perfect the contouring and the shading. It’s not an easy task 😉 but I know you can do it.

To create a softer look, use the black eye shadow to outline the base of your lashes instead of drawing in the black liquid liner right away. After you are done with the dark eye colour, for emphasis, line the lash base with a liquid eye liner again. Here, I used Bobbi Brown Eye Gel (a classic go-to for me).

If you are a shimmer lover like me, be sure to dab some pearly or shimmery glow in the centre of your lids.


Neutral is not hard to do. Making it natural while enhancing one’s eye contouring is the challenging part.


You will feel so accomplished after this!003

Ta-da, we are done! Your boyfriend probably can’t tell you’ve spent almost half an hour on this (lol). It’s so soft, gentle and elegant. You are sure to be in the spotlight today! 004

White light, warm light, any lighting- you will look awesome & still be YOU.006

This is me. This is my passion and love- to discover oneself and make flaws into perfection.


Oh, lastly, don’t forget to dab on some pinky or coral colors on your lips. Just a hint of colour will make you shine more brilliant than the sun ❤


Have a great rest of your day, beautifuls. xoxo


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