((Makeup Trsfm)) Blush -> Eye Palette UB Gwen Stefani


This naked eye look was created with Gwen Stefanie’s Blush Palette. Being a versatile makeup lover, finding alternative uses for your makeup product is a necessary skill. It helps to inspire and create unique looks 🙂 it also brings great joy.



With Hush, brush it all over the lid as a wash of colour. It’s a light neutral orange with a maroon warmth. Then add Lo-Fi to the outer corner of your eyes, to create depth. It’s very subtle so you can apply the colour freely without worries.

To add a hint of summer- add OC into the mix. The entire mixture sings in harmony; there’s no separating layers of colour.


This is a beautiful eye look for the season. We are ready for the beach, don’t you think?


It’s light and subtle with a hint of elegance, nonetheless.

I adore this makeup finish. One point for me (+1) at transforming blush into an eye makeup 😀


I am in my PJ here (lol) but the face finish is impeccable ❤ !

Nighty everyone. Tomorrow is Friday, so… TGIF!



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