((Base Makeup)) True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation


Needless to say, the Cushion Compact has revolutionized the way of makeup application. When Lancome first introduced the their first-ever Cushion, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. After finishing up an entire Cushion compact, I went back to my old-school foundation. As life becomes busy, I’ve learned to save snoozing time and apply makeup while on public transit (such a bad role model, lol).

Because I am busy on minding my bag from tipping over, my makeup pouch has to be as concise and light as possible. Rather than bringing a foundation brush & a bottle of base makeup how I use to, I just bring out this babe and it has everything I need.


L’oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation comes with a compact mirror which is just about enough to examine if you have missed a spot on the face. The True Match Lumi  also divides the foundation from the puff to keep the product fresh and sanitary.

It’s their first liquid foundation in a cushion that provides a fresh and build-able coverage to suit most base makeup needs. With 12 shades, it’s simple to find the ideal match for everyone.

The packaging is made of plastic, which adds minimal weight when traveling. My heart also wouldn’t hurt as much if I happen to drop it by accident lol.

The outside of the box is all nice and good. Now I am ready to move on to examine its coverage and longevity!


Let’s start with the naked face 🙂


Dark circles, acne scarring and pigmentation are my top concerns, as usual. The redness around my nose is also an enemy that I am in constant battle with.

I simply cleansed the face with water then applied a layer of moisturizer, so I can show a more genuine before/after of the Lumi Cushion.

Lightly press the foundation onto the skin (do not pull or stroke like a foundation brush); add a second or third layer to cover the most obvious imperfections.


Below- after (left) before (right)


The acne mark on my left cheek has disappeared. The shade around my eyes has been wiped away; the redness surrounding my nose has been evened out.

After the application:


The acne scarring is mostly gone. The skin tone is more even. The dark circles are no longer apparent :))


Before/ After:


The entire face seems fresh and lifted. I am in love with the radiance it provides. Though I went over the entire face 2 times, there’s no trace of heavy makeup. The whole look is still light and natural.


After 4 hours- under daylight


I have combination skin, so my T zone is usually quite shiny during noon time, so I was surprised to find that the foundation only blended in with my better with time.


After 6 hours-


The T-zone is getting a little shiny, which can be fixed up right with a light blotting session. The color has turned a bit darker with oxidization, indicating that you can go for a lighter shade if desired- it would only become more natural as the day goes on.


Overall, I am quite pleased with True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation. It’s easily accessible – sold at most drugstores & supermarkets. It does not come with a hefty price tag, and often you can get it on sale at a more affordable price. Keep an eye out for it- it sells out quite fast! (I had to wait 2 weeks until they have my shade again ><)


True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation is a great buy in my books, so I encourage you try it out at your local drug store, just to see how it feels and how you like it. It’s a cute little companion on you are on the road, or – a handy tool for snoozing in the morning LOL






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