((Makeup)) After-work beast to Fab. Beauty

I started with a pink x neutral nude eye shadow look, and it turned out to a sweet & gentle bridal makeup.



Same as any leisure evenings, the sun is setting and the sky is died a vibrant orange. Starring in the beautiful sunset, the look echoes the romance of the scenery.


Start with Flatline and fill the entire lid.


Then, use a flat tip eye shadow brush, dab into Bordello and color the crease. Bordello is a faint hue of fuzzy brown.


The color is subtle and elegant.


Then apply Backlash (the neon pink) on the crease and make a “hook” in the end, so the pink blends into a part of your eye contour.



Next, use Burn to emphasize the hollow of your ocular bone area.


Finally, add a hint of innocence and girly by dabbing the middle of your lid with Daybreak.



Use Voodoo on the end corner of your eyes (bottom second photo), and dab Flatline across the low lash-line (top left photo).

Make that eyeliner sing! If cat-eye liner isn’t your best skill, just draw it in on the end corners of your upper lid. You don’t have to swoosh perfection in one stroke. Sometimes, a little flying tail adds the most beautiful accent ❤


Use a lengthening mascara and add on a pair of falsies for a sultry weekend night.

((I used only mascara here 🙂 to create a simple and elegant finish)

Congratulations! We are done!


So, after a 12-hour day, us girls can still transform into Princess Fabulous.





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