((Makeup)) The Rock & Roll of inner self- Urban Decay Spectrum

Urban Decay Spectrum Eye Shadow Palette– has changed my impression of the brand, COMPLETELY. 



I believe almost every Beauty has at least one of their legendary Naked series (1-3), I am no exception. I bought Naked 3 and loved its interpretation of rose golds. After falling in love with Naked 3, it’s only logical (sure) to hunt down the others. The one that caught my eye is the Spectrum Eye Shadow.

I always want to experiment with fun colors, just to challenge my own boundary and jump outside the box a little. UB Spectrum has done just that!

Do not belittle the colorful little rectangles. They contain the most explosive color and tones, enough for a mid-night look. It can be darker than your usual night-out or more playful than a regular day.

The box comes with 42 colors. The top comprises of a cool blue/aquamarine/emerald/teal/purple/dusty pastel violet


Voodoo is one my favorite colors of this palette. It’s a deep mysterious purple embellished with hints of shimmer and subtle sparkles.

The bottom 6 colors are the neutral tones for an everyday look. But believe me, the finish look is not “average” or “subtle” by any means lol.




On a sunny afternoon, I decided to play with this new friend a little.

The palette itself is like a delicately crafted art piece. The frames are hollowed out mimicking the intertwining vines. The box comes with a big-size mirror so every detail can be captured and perfected.

I started with the bottom 6 colors. Use flatline as the wash of color to cover the entire lid. Then fill the crease with Burn. Blend Burn upwards and mix it with Bordello to create a subtle brown smokey. Dab Daybreak on the beginning corner of your eyes and line press West along the lash line for a natural and even finish.



Though it’s a simple neutral eye makeup, you can see the color are anything but “normal” and “average”. The saturation is overwhelming and your eyes just lures attention that much more easily. The colors blend in harmony; no advanced techniques required. Anyone can achieve this “neutrally sexy” eye look.002

Add on a dark eye liner along the top the lash line and some mascara (if you have false lashes, don’t be afraid to use them!)

You are set to be the star of the night, no joke.


Of course, as a makeup artist, I don’t stop at “normal”.

Let’s be creative ❤ !!


Because I instantly fell in love with the green/teal tones and the purple in first sight, I could not let go of either. I want to have both of them NOW!

(Try this look only on special holidays ie. Halloween lol)


Dab your eyelids with a Kleenix tissue to wipe away excess oil.

Use Flatline as the base color, and add Omen on top, covering the entire lid. Omen is a cool base color, which will become complementary to our purple eye look. Use Flashback to fill the crease. Mix Voodoo and Prank together and dab them on the end corners of your eyes – to create shadow and contour around the eyes.004

Mix Flashback & Voodoo and press the mix of color along the lower lash line.

Take out the dark liquid liner and line the upper lash line. Use an eyeliner pencil to line the lower waterline (only at the end corner, do not line the entire waterline). Line the upper lid with a dark liquid liner; on the bottom lash line- use a an eyeliner pencil instead. Smudge the end corners of the lower lash line for an enlarged-eye look. 005

Our purple look is done!

Take a breather and let’s move onto our final look of the day (lol) – the Royal Emerald.


Prep the lid with Flatline, use Evidence and Prank on the upper lash line. Press the colors in, make sure they are dark enough. Don’t use a light stroke here. Add Deep End to the mix and blend the 3 colors upward. To keep the colors clean, use a fluffy eye shadow brush and dab Flatline on top of the color mixture, so the tri-color doesn’t become a murky mess.

Use Voodoo on the upper lash line, remember to press the color in as well. On the bottom lash line, use Deep End on the end corners only.

Finish with a dark liquid eye liner on both top and bottom lash line. Add on a pair of false lashes if they are handy, and you have the one-and-only Royal Punk Rock Princess look.



The hardest part is to keep the colors clean and harmonious at the same time. Don’t freak out if a color doesn’t work out the way you desire it to be, remember, there’s always a way to fix it. The most important note is to keep trying and have lots of fun with makeup.


I hope you enjoyed reading my little blog here. Enjoy the rest of your day and I look forward to sharing more with all of you.


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