((Makeup)) Wipe away that dull look- Miss. Perfection


Scheduled this beauty transformation a week ago.


The lovely model shared with me her concerns: uneven skin-tone, freckles, dark circles and pigment spots around the face. The model has dry and sensitive skin. We prepped the skin with Nu Skin moisturizer (her fav. brand) then I proceeded with Lancome Base

Apply a layer of the product with a foundation brush; I focused on the cheek area and both sides of the nose as those are the primary settlement of the Pore Army.

After we have wiped out the pores, I moved on to Smashbox Photo finish-

As the model shares my concerns of blemishes, the best method is to apply a green primer to lift the severity of the redness.

The product also provide pore-concealing effect, so the skin becomes even smoother.

Next, we arrive at foundation and concealer. To hide the dark circles, I used Orange concealer cream from Cinema Secret.

I bought 3-4 palettes so I am prepared for almost all skin tones (don’t get caught off-guard, lol) I mark an “X” just below the eyes then blend it out with Laura Mercier concealer brush. Since the model has dry skin, I am especially careful in applying the cream, so to keep the skin from dehydration lines.

L’oreal’s Lumi is just right as a foundation choice for her.With a foundation brush and a light hand, apply a dab of foundation on the entire face, blend the colors together, especially, under the eye area; the concealer and foundation can come together in harmony.

L’oreal Lumi produces a similar satin/dewy finish to Lancome Teint Miracle. It’s a good drugstore product to try out without breaking the bank. I know it’s a must-get for my summer :))

Set the makeup with a simple loose powder is the best for sensitive skin. Spray a layer of Setting Spray (I used Urban Decay Allnighter) and you are ready to rock!

What imperfection? You are joking, right?


The complexion is glowing with healthy radiance. Change into your best dress and you are more than ready to be in the spotlight! As requested by the model, we are turning up the heat with a purple smokey ❤

((She even said she’s ready for a movie shoot, now. hahaha))


I hope to make everyone beautiful this summer. If you are interested in having a beauty transformation yourself, contact  me at crystaly1290@gmail.com; let’s chat!



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