((Makeup)) Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani


Another after-work play with makeup (smile). Urban Decay Blush Palette X Gwen Stefani *limited edition* is finally mine (muhaha) At first, I was only attracted to the name “limited release”; in general, girls like scarcity lol. Anything rare and uncommon should be a collection of mine *evil chuckles*. I received the goody thanks to express shipping, so I could try it out almost right away!

Let’s give this baby a try, shall we?


The packaging is quite rock-and-roll with the ivory white mixed with platinum gold. The case is quite heavy yet it’s a weight I am willing to carry (all the goodness).015

Contained within are:

1 cool pink tone blush (cherry); rose hue blush (easy); contouring/tan blush for the medium skin (angel); matte contouring color (lo-fi); pearly coral tint blush (hush) and silky coral (OC).

With this wonderful mixture, you can create a dolly-face (cheery x hush) or a sultry, sexy beach babe (angel + Lo-fi + OC).


I do want to give Gwen Stefani glow a try 🙂 it will be my challenge of the night!

After work, my face is usually greasy and shiny. To wipe away the tiredness and exhaustion, I dab the face with a Kleenex and powder it down with a loose powder.


My face is no longer shiny but now very one-dimensional- very FLAT and pale.


Next, to re-create Gwen’s glow, we must add some color to our face ❤


I mixed Cheery with Hush and brushed it on the apple of my cheek.


Because I still want to reserve a hint of cuteness, I also mixed in a hint of Cheery and added on top of the prior colors.


Below the cheekbones, I used Lo-fi for contouring.


Remember to always dust the excess color off before you use it on the face. Dark contour is harder to fix after applying.

Brush with a light hand and blend out the color around the entire face, so the entire complexion appear even and healthy.


The colors should naturally blend together. Then fix up your brows to make the face more definitive.


Apply Angel as highlight on the circled areas of your face so the face shape will be more supple. I like to use highlight around my ocular bone (below the eye), dab a bit on my chin, and some along the brows. You can adjust the highlighting to areas you’d like to bring attention to- any features you’d like to enhance (higher nose bridge, top of the lip arch, etc).


A Gwen look is not complete without the winged liner ~(whoosh). Take out your the blackest liner and start on the bottom of your lashline; with a steady hand, draw a thin line first like a draft. Then thicken the line carefully and make that “swoosh” at the end of your lid. Make it fly.


If you have a shaky hand (like me), use dots instead of a liner. Simply “dot” along the lash-line and connect them together to create a smooth line. At the outer corner of your lids, remember to lift the pen up so it flies with the wings~

Apply a lengthening mascara and that red lip stick, then we are done. Voila!


I don’t have a pure red lip color so a bright magenta is the closest I could find lol.

What do you think?

Gosh, I am in love with that beautiful glow on my cheeks (showing off, uh-oh). I feel like a celebrity, almost, with that sun/moon-kissed glow.


All the colors blend together nicely and naturally. It’s a lovely makeup look suitable for a steamy date (it will be a impressive night, trust me!). I am glad I grabbed this off the shelf before it runs out. Definitely pay a visit to the department store and dig up this babe ❤ then you are half ready for the summer!!

Happy reading, everyone. I will see you soon, ciao XOXO


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