((Makeup)) After-Work Transformation- We are Super Models in-making

What d you do after work? Put on makeup! LOL

As beauty is my passion, I grasp the after-work moment for practicing the art of makeup transformation.

Usually, most of my makeup is gone after a 10-hour day. When I arrive home around 10pm, my face is 90% bare and all the imperfection have shown up to say hello.

If your skin is on the oily side, use a tissue paper and lightly dab it on the shiny areas. If your skin is dehydrated or feeling dry, use a makeup setting spray (ie. MUFE Setting spray, Ibuki Spray, etc) to reinvigorate the skin’s moisture level.

The next step is to dust the entire face with the same loose powder used in the morning ( I use Shu Uemura Loose Powder).


Right now, your face should be clean and shine-free. For dry skin girls, your face should not feel dehydrated anymore.

Take out your contouring palette and a slanted face brush- lets get ready to sculpt the face! The general contouring areas are : jawline, sides of the nose bridge, bottom of the chin (if you have a longer face) and right below the cheek bones.


When there’s darkness, there’s light. (LOL)

I use the same Shu Uemura Loose Powder on my forehead, bridge of the nose and the apples of the cheeks.


Of course, if you have a highlighting product, feel free to use it!

For blush, mix it with some shimmering product or your highlighting product so the color glows on your face to produce a lit-from-within look.

Next, use a clean loose powder brush and brush all over the entire face, so all the colors can blend in harmony; blur the contouring lines to make the look more natural.


The shading along the cheekbone and jawline should appear natural and non-artificial. There should not be any hard lines of separation.007


Regardless of the lighting, your face does not lose it’s sculpted dimensions. Your eyes remain bright and uplifted. Guess what, you are ready to for that modelling shot <3!!009

If you don’t say, no one will know this is done after work lol. They may just assume you have a modelling gig tonight, hahaha


1, 2, 3 SMILE.

Even after an exhausting day, you are ready to charm the pants off of everyone ❤


As my face was not born the same as the model in the photo, we will not look exactly the same. I hope to mimic the professional skin finish and to prove that ALL of us exude the confident radiance like a model, even if you are tired after a day of work ❤

Love you all. Hope you enjoyed the brief read today. Enjoy a wonderful day!


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