((Makeup)) Dusty Rose/ Dry Rose Play

(Photo from Google: uk.pinterest.com) Dusty Rose or Dry Rose dominated the eye makeup style in Korea and other Asian countries between the end of 2015 and begging of 2016. Dusty Rose- the prominent shades in this look are : light pastel beige, light orange, gold and a hint of vintage maroon.



Instead of the buying a new set, I believer we all have a “crazy” eye palette hiding in our drawers, lol.

Let’s get started!


The palette used here is Cool Neutral from MAC. Keep in mind, any similar color will do,, so let’s take out that colorful palette and make some magic together!

Use #1 and brush all over on your lid, as the wash of color. Choose a light pastel color that’s close to your skin tone but a shade lighter. It’s like the petals of the dusty rose- white and grey-ish.


#2 The crease color should be a warm golden/orange shade. I don’t have a very saturated orange color in the set, so I am mixing 2 colors together. One is matte (top) while the other contains more pear-ly shimmer (bottom).003

Brush the mixed color on the crease and blend it lightly upward, so both colors echo in harmony.


#3 If you have a vintage burgundy/ maroon/ deep red handy, you are set for this step! Again, I am using the 2 colors together to mimic the maroon hue. Use a pointy brush and dab on the outer corner of your lid.


Blend the color lightly in the marked area (triangular section as shown above)

#4 Finally, use #4 (dark matte brown) and press the color in on the end corners of your eyes. Connect the ends together by bringing the color from upper tail to the bottom.


Like so:


The dark brown should come down to the lower lid as well. Carefully, press in the color to prevent muddying up the shade.

Add a dark brown or black eye liner close to the lash line with a lengthening mascara. Ta-da, we are done.


That’s not hard, is it?


It is a sweet gentle look. You can always add a darker shade on the end corners of your eyes to add some sultry smokey-ness to the look 🙂 and don’t forget that pair of false lash if you are partying tonight!

(I simply added some pure black color and blended it out. As shown in the photo, the dusty rose is very versatile and can be transformed into any look.)


Definitely recommend everyone to take out that palette of yours and have some creative fun together! I hope you enjoyed my little post of the night, we will see each other again soon! Nighty night *


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