((Makeup Fun)) Tarte- Rainforest of the Sea


Ta-da!! The shopping spree has started (and ended) with the conclusion of the Sephora sale. I visited the store on the last day of the sale event, oh my, the store was crowded with lineups out the door (incredible determination).


I saw the Tarte Rainforest palette and I was instantly attracted to its glorious & pearly shimmer. The colors are easy to use and compatible with any outfit and occasions. Whether it’s a day look or evening wear, it will complement all the important outings.

The packaging is interwoven with hues of gold and purple plus a hint of blue, echoing sounds of the ocean.



To complete a day look, simple use the 3 colors and apply accordingly.

  1. brush the entire lid with the wash of color #1.
  2. then apply #2 on the crease, and lightly brush upward to blend with the first color.
  3. finally, with an eyeliner brush, press #3 along the lashline
  4. ta-da! You are done! Isn’t it easy? You are ready for the day




For a darker smokey look:

  1. apply the same wash of color onto the entire lid to even out the skin color.
  2. use #2 on the outer corner of the eye, and lightly blend in circular motion.
  3. color #3 is a shimmery light purple color; dab the shade on the inner corner of the eyes to brighten up the eye.
  4. color #4 is the dark color of the look. Interestingly, it is more a silky and semi-matte finish. Press the color along the contour of your eye, and bring it to the outer corner like #2; blend the darker colors together with a clean, fluffy brush so the colors flow into one another.
  5. you can also add on a pair of false lashes to this look. The colors are quite transparent so your eyes won’t look overly made-up.



The finished look is a lighter version of smokey eye, lol. You can wear this look during the day as well, but hold off on the false lashes if it’s for work LOL.

Below is a third look which is more gold focused. This is perfect for girls’ night out and an evening date.


Though the shades are quite light, the shimmers still play well on the lids. The eyes are much brighter so you can rock rest of the day!


It’s a great product to have in-hand. The palette is compact for travelling so you can use it anytime. The only drawback is the lack of brushes, so do remember to pack a few brushes to-go 😀


I hope you enjoyed the brief read. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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