((Base)) Giorgio Armani Luminessence CC


Giorgio Armani Luminenssence CC – this was introduced a while back In Taiwan and has been constantly sold out in Asia. I had been waiting for it since last year, and finally, the product was introduced later in the year. There was 1 color at first, which was too pale for my skintone, after waiting patiently, GA has heard my wish (jkjk) and released other color choices to suit complexions.

As indicated by the product name, the emphasis is makeup with skincare benefit- to even out complexion.

I chose the color #4, which is a neutral skin color with a hint of beige.


The texture is similar to a foundation base. At first attempt, I applied with the beautyblender but that only lessened the coverage (sob), so instead, I tried with my fingers the second time.


Before application:



There are spots of blemishes on my cheeks and hyper pigmentation on the sides of my nose.


After application – with fingers



My complexion has become fairer and more even. The darkness around my nose and corners of my mouth have disappeared. There’s no trace of powdery makeup, so the skin still retains its natural and radiant look.

You won’t look overly made-up, yet, it provides just the right coverage (sheer-medium). However, if dark circles are your concern, a concealer is still required.


After 10 hours:


After a day of work, the skin still looks flawless. I added on some eye shadows but did not touch-up on the face. No blotting or powering during the day, but my skin isn’t oily or dehydrated. My blush & lip color are gone, but the canvas (face) still looks pure and refreshed.


I adore its long-lasting power and the natural radiant finish.


After using this babe for a couple days, I did find some acne and comedone popping up. Though I love GA Luminence CC, it doesn’t seem compatible with me (sad). I had to return this lovely product in the end.

I still recommend you to give it a chance and try it out. What doesn’t suit me doesn’t mean it will be bad for you. Be daring & venture into the new & unkown 😉



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