((Life)) Krafty @ Kelowna

Had a nice weekend get-away at Kelowna. After 3-4 hours of driving, we finally arrived at our destination. The purpose of our weekend get-away was to look after one of our friends’ place. We helped her tidying up the place and cleaning out some trash. She has been on holiday so we just want to make sure everything is fine at her place.


We toured around Kelowna downtown and admired the Okanagan River in awe. For dinner, we tried to work around a limited budget, haha, we are tourists on a budget.

We strolled through several restaurants and finally decided on Krafty Kitchen. The bar had a modern rusty appearance. Upon opening the restaurant doors, joy and happy chatters filled the room.


The hostess seated us at a long table. Without RSVP, we were fortunate to have an empty table. We glanced at the menu; he ordered the Burgundy Beef while I had the Pork Belly.

The photo is Pork Belly and I (lol). The Pork Belly is cooked in Miso and decorated with kimchi on top. The pork was crispy on the outside and tender within.


However, I felt the Miso flavor overpowered the taste of pork belly. Also, the skin became a little soggy because of the sauce.


Nonetheless, it was a satisfying meal, but I would try ordering something else next time.


This is the Burgundy Beef and Pork Belly and I.



On a closer look, the Burgundy Beef was tender to the taste and the combination of bacon and mash potato only added to its lovely texture. We were sad to finish the plate but we had to part with the delicacy (sob sob). 005

We finished both entree within a short 10 minutes. The Burgundy Beef was worthy of the high price. Finally, we arrived at our Quinoa Salad.


We thought the salad would be a cold dish; to our surprise, it was warm! First time ever that I’ve tried a warmly plated salad. The salad was mixed with mushroom and green onions, and I detected hints of butter and olive oil. The Quinoa Salad was creamy and thick. It was satisfying like an entree rather than a dessert or appetizer. We gulped it down within moments, haha.


Our server showed us a special brunch menu. Krafty serves brunch only on Sunday. The dishes were named after popular rappers and celebrity singers.

009 - Copy010

We did not have time for the Sunday brunch but it was a memorable menu!

Dinner ended with a messy table of our empty plates. 012

we walked around downtown, and came across this neighborhood gem. The cozy cafe was crowded even at late. Anyone would’ve thought this is Gastown rather than Kelowna; the modern decors and color combination is rustic and intriguing. I enjoy the artistic atmosphere, which is also why I adore Gastown and Yaletown 🙂013

I ordered a hot chocolate, large size! The large is like a medium from other shops but the taste was extraordinary. The chocolate was melted from real dark chocolates, topped with whip cream and caramel drizzle. Finally, it was bestowed a chocolate flake shower. 014

It’s sweet and fattening (guilty conscience) but it’s an unique drink that you must not miss in downtown Kelowna.


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