((Makeup)) Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit


I came across this lovely babe while I was surfing online (the evil darkness of online shopping @@)

Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit comes with both warm and cool shades of brown so it’s compatible for ladies & gents with different color tones in their hair. (it was a steal as I got it for C$26!)

The powder comes with a velvet pouch to protect it from scratches and scars.


If your hair color is on the lighter side, #1+#2 will be your blend of perfection. If your hair is medium brown or auburn, #2+#3 is your ideal option. #3+#4 are suitable for dark brown & black hair beauties.

Besides using it as a normal brow powder, I also tried to wear it as an “shadow” lol.



I used #1 as a wash of color, then use #2 on the crease of your lids. Dab #3 on the outer corner of your eyes and follow the contour of the eyes to create more depth. Finally, line the upper lash-line with #4 and lightly blend #4 into your crease color.

You can use either a dark or a brown eye liner to emphasize the look. Brush on some mascara, and you have a perfect day look 🙂


The power has both shimmer and matte finishes so it can be used by double-lid and single-lid girls; it is even suitable for girls with puffy lids.



Even after a day of work, the shadow did not crease or fade in color. It is a product made for the brows, who knew it can also be a compact shadow item ❤ more bang for your buck!!

Another great thing about beauty is the constant discovery of different uses for one single item- wouldn’t you say so? 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your day!


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