((Wedding)) Wedding Makeup Trial

With the coming of age, many of my closer friends are getting married either this year or the next. It’s almost if everyone made a pact to have their all the weddings scheduled in the next 1-2 years (lol). Well, my wedding bells are still far away, haha. With my good friends engaged in the wedding of love, I have the honor to be their bridal makeup artist 😉


Over the holidays I had the chance to meet with her for a wedding makeup & hair trial. We’ve known each other for 8 years (incredible!) Our friendship sprouted in our part-time job together at a Korean style restaurant. We hung out together outside of work and shared much gossip and thoughts on life and our future paths.

We’ve shared so much together! I’ve seen her grown up a lot with time and finally met her Mr. Right 🙂


She’s always been concerned with porous and acne-scarred complexion. With the many issues, her skin is prone to dry patches and flakiness. I had to pay extra attention to base products to ensure the smoothness of makeup finish.

I used calming moisturizer to help get rid of the blemishes and irritation with a light massage to help the skin absorb the much needed moisture and nutrients. Once I have prepped the skin, I layered on the primers using makeup brushes; dab some correcter then we were ready to apply our foundation.


Kat Von D is my trusted foundation base. Because of its matte finish, I used shimmering brick and liquid highlighter so her skin emits a natural glow.


As for eye makeup, we experimented with a couple different neutral tones. Finally, we agreed on a cool earthy tone, which is not shown here (haha- the light purple look is look #2 for the reception).

She is a simple person and a sweet sweet sweet friend. She is always eager to offer help whenever any of her buddies is in need, so the makeup look should echo the cleanliness and sweetness of her personality :))

Everything should be neat, clean and tidy.

This was our first trial. After our first session together, she has more of an idea of what she wanted, so stay tuned for our second get-together trial!

// For any of your beauty & bridal makeup & hairstyling wishes- contact me at crystaly1290@gmail.com and I would love to meet up! Let’s make your dream day come true, one brush at a time ❤


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