((Makeup)) Estee Edit by Estee Lauder

A new Estee Lauder era has arrived *drum roll*

Estee Lauder- a brand that is renowned for mature skins and anti-aging effect. Even today, as I was browsing around in the makeup store, I heard young ladies chattering about how Estee Lauder is “a product for their parents” until they gasped in amazement upon seeing the Estee Edit.

As a foundation junkie like myself, the first product of target is the Skin Glow Balm. Yes, instead of naming it like a regular foundation, it’s called a balm. In my personal opinion, the name only strengthens the idea of harmony between “skincare” and “makeup”, so all users can have the beauty of both worlds.


The packaging is simple and young. Instead of a deep royal blue, it is replaced by a splash of ocean blue with a white canvas. The makeup bottle is made of plastic and so is the cap. It is much lighter to carry and easier to pack (less weight in our purse! yay!) The whole series is catered towards a younger audience (I am guessing mid 20s to mid 30s ;))



I chose the color Ecru 110 (personally I also use Dawn in Double-Wear Foundation); the shade is neutral on the fair side.


My excitement was quickly dimmed by its plastic-like scent. The base product came with a plastic/paint like smell so it was unpleasant in the application process. The coverage was quite sheer which was a little too low for my blemish needs. I had to use additional concealing products to hide the dark circles and acne spots. Skin Glowing Balm was very light on the skin as if you are wearing nothing; it does not cling to the dry patches which was an essential for winter times. However, it did not have the “glow” effect as the claim. I brushed on another highlighter for the glow, so my face would not look too flat lol.

Final words: I did not post any before-after pictures because I simply looked the same (LOL) I had to return it because of the strange smell. The store cashier was surprised that a customer will return a makeup for such a reason”, but she quickly agreed with my decision once she tried it herself – it was hilarious.


This is only opinions of my own, so I still encourage you beautiful ladies to fly to Sephora and explore the collection for yourselves; you may see treasure or another HG goodie for your makeup pouch 🙂

Happy exploring!!


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