((Makeup)) Biotherm Skin-Best CC


Biotherm Skin Best CC

What a dreamy name- skin’s best 🙂 I came across this product while my rosacea was flaring up; my cheeks and chin were crawled with blemishes and redness. I tried concealers and correcter, but the complexity of using many base products only led to more sensitivity. Then, I saw Biotherm’s Skin Best CC- which is endorsed by more than a few rosacea sufferers as the HG, granting a clear-looking complexion with minimal makeup.

The emerald green packaging of the tube reminds me of “algae” lol. A natural oceanic orgasm flowing with the coolness of the sea water.

The packaging is simple and light. It’s good to traveling and sleepovers. The opening is small so to minimize waste of squeezing out excessive product.

As dictated by tradition, it’s a must that I show you my disastrous pre-makeup face:


As you can probably see,my cheeks are occupied with patches Q_Q (bad skin is another major reason for a girl’s moodiness lol)



My rosacea usually acts up during season change or with a poor diet of spicy and deep fried foods, etc.

Without using any primer and correcter, I applied CC cream on with my fingers. Gently tapping the foundation onto the skin. For me, it’s non-irritating and it did not contribute to any sting-ness or sensitivity (you know sometimes you just come across one of those products that gives you a burning/swelling sensation when you put it on).


After CC application:


Ta-da. I can use blush again! (That’s a miracle in my book! hahahah)

My skin is glowing with luminescence that’s natural and flawless.


It’s a nice feeling to start your day with a clear, great-looking complexion 😀


You can find this online at Sephora or check out Shoppers Drug Mart. I believe Sephora use to carry Biotherm in-store but the last time I checked, which was 1 month ago, that it’s only sold online now. There’s only one shade to choose from- the lighter skin color. It may appear a little paler for people who use MAC N25/Dior 21 Linen/ Chanel 20/ Giorgio Armani 4.5 or darker. It’s definitely worth a try- you can always use a layer of darker powder to make the shade looking more natural and blended :p there’s always a way, eh?


Happy experimenting!


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