((Makeup)) Raspberry Latte – let’s play!


Spring is here! Are you ready to play with some colors? As winter fades away, the cosmetic counters become crowded with the new “in” color of the new season. What does spring make you think of? I think of soft pink cherry blossoms, crisp blue breeze, and freshly groomed greenery. ((it’s also a season to fall in love lol)

To echo the liveliness of spring, it’s time to tune up our creativity.


Instead of using plain earthy tones, I added a brush of magenta and pink :))

My makeup kit was stolen last year, so I have forever lost my Chocolate Bar. Then I bought the new Bon Bon Chocolate Bar to console my broken heart.


The Bon Bon Chocolate Bar is made up of similar colors to its other Chocolate Bar peers, except that the palette comes with more pink-ish and cooler hues compared to its siblings. The eye shadows are little hearts to sweeten up your makeup routine (lol).

As I am a very practical person, so the looks that I share are usually suitable to everyday life. In my opinion, girls can be naughty with our makeups in everyday setting rather than just on the runway shows.

To start, prep our lips with a wash of color. I brushed my entire lid with color #1 (as shown below) it is a matte dusty brown color with no shimmer. It evens out the lid color very well so the subsequent application can stay neat and clean.



After we’ve prepped our lid, I used color #2, it’s a warmer maroon like hot milk chocolate. 004

Next, use an eye liner brush and color the crease with #3. It’s a dark espresso color. I press it on the crease area and blend it toward the lash line to create a soft layered look.005

Use a slanted eye liner brush and draw a thin magenta liner along the outer corner of your eyes. Don’t worry, it will not look like an eye infection lol. Press the color in to emphasize the magenta hue.


After we are done with the outer corner, we will use a lighter pastel pink to draw in the water line. The pastel pink brighten up your eyes without looking “hard” like being drawn in with a white eye liner pencil.


Lastly, take your brown eye liner liquid and follow the outline of upper lash line. 008

We are done! That was not hard, was it?


This look is very soft and romantic. You can definitely wear to work or for a girls’ date out. Pair this with an evening dress, you are ready to catch everyone’s attention tonight! The magenta creates curiosity and your every gaze will sure make others look a second time. Have fun playing!



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