((Makeup)) Playing with light-highlight & Contouring for the Perfect Complexion

If we talk about makeup, which part of your face/feature is the most important to you? In other words, what is your HG to look elegant and naturally, flawlessly beautiful?

For myself, complexion is my biggest concern. In my opinion, if you have a flawless complexion, you are not far from the victory crown. However, I was not born with perfect skin, so figuring out what’s best for me could be a challenge from time-to-time.

Let’s start with the before photos/pre-makeup look:


Uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation, pores and redness are namely the major flaws that have followed me since childhood, well, more came later on after puberty, lol.

Before any makeup application, please make sure your skin is well moisturized. My trick is to apply a pump of moisturizer and massage my face in circles until the film of cream/lotion feeling disappears- then you know for sure that your skin has absorbed the water and nutrients. If one layer is not enough, be liberal and slap on another layer of cream/lotion/emulsion. Beware, do not use any skin care product with hyaluronic acid as it create flakiness with base product application.

Let’s start with the concealer! The skin around your eyes are especially prone to dehydration wrinkles and therefore, causes creases and deepens the existing wrinkles. I find that liquid concealer is the best for the job for hiding dark circle and discoloration around the eyes, without adding onto my age lol


Just a few dabs then even out the concealer with your fingers should do the job. Then it’s time for our foundation.


It’s better to use a sheer or a dewy finish rather than matte, since we are going for the lit-from-within natural look. I prefer using a beauty blender, immerse it in water until it’s fully saturated, then dab some droplets of foundations and apply it onto my face. It makes blending simple and quick; it doesn’t eat up excess foundation so you will not be wasting the products.

After setting the base, we will come to highlight.

Cle de Peau Luminizer

My beloved highlighting tool still belongs to Cle De Peau. I’ve been using it for more than a year and there’s still a long way to go.


The shimmer is subtle yet elegant. It helps boost the lit-from-within healthy skin look. Use a medium/small loose powder rush and lightly dust over the circled areas:


We want to emphasize the suppleness of the cheeks, the high light of the brows and nose arch and add a little”hmph” on the chin area.

After highlighting:


The entire complexion is glowing with joy.

Alright! As high light and contour goes hand-in-hand, let’s get started on the shadowing/contouring part of our face. Though we may have a lovely complexion to show off, without the contrast of light/shadow our better features are hidden, therefore, making our faces look flat or”one-dimensional”. That is not a desired effect. A good makeup is to accentuate your natural beauty while adjusting the flaws away, skillfully.

I recently bought the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder. There is only one color to choose from, which I think is very suitable for Asian skin tone. I’ve always had trouble finding the right shading powder for my Asian brides and now it’s solved!


Use a clean fluffy brush, preferably medium to small size, and brush over the circled areas like below:


As we get on with age, we can’t help but see our jaw line goes away (sob) but a shadowing powder and can help you look 5-10 years younger by tightening up those sagging lines.

If you have a rounder face or puffy cheeks, you can apply contouring on the sides of your cheeks. First, feel where your cheek bones are, use your fingers tips to feel the outlines of your cheek bones then dust a light layer of Sculpting Powder along the cheek bone outline. This will transform a rounder face into a more heart-shaped/diamond-shaped one.

If you prefer a higher nose bridge,  or a smaller nose, contour along the nose bridge and the  bottom of the nostrils. It will make the nose bright stand out and more elongated while narrowing the nostril areas so you will have a sculpted and elegant nose shape (and without pocketing money for any cosmetic procedure!)



Then we are done!

Once the light hits, your face is ready to say 1,2,3 camera!

The light will hit the spots where you want it to while shying away the areas you chose not to. Doesn’t that make the world a better place?? lol

Of course, don’t forget to put on some blush, fill in those brows and a little color for those lips. You are ready for the day!



The steps may sound cumbersome and impossible to achieve at first. Believe me, when I first taught these tricks to a never-used-makeup-before colleague, she also thought it’s impossible to do all these before work. Guess what, after 2-3 months, she is able to dash out with a lovely yet natural makeup within 10-15 minutes. It’s that simple.

Practice makes perfect. Let’s all be beautiful and confident!


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