((Makeup)) Dance of the Garden Fairy- Jill Stuart Blush Compact

Happy Chinese New Year! How are you spending this special day? I am sure your day is lined up with celebration with family and friends so now is absolutely an excellent time to introduce the brand new *limited edition* Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact (lol).

This beauty is released on Jan 4, 2016 and already it’s running low on stock. Look at this cute baby- the intricate design and thought are carefully crafted and poured into this finished masterpiece.


It is the perfect representation of Spring.


Instead of a quad-color blush, JS has added 5 more colors allowing us to play out our creativity. The compact shown here is #12, a more coral/red representation. The another-which is already sold out- #11 has a hint of cool purple mixed with baby pink that is more suiting for fair skinned ladies/gentlemen.

The 9 -color compact focuses one coral and golden red. Like a juicy apple, the mixture of colors highlight the apples of the cheeks while accentuate the mood witha hint of red blush.


I love the clean color of the blush, though I mixed all 9 colors together, lol. The colors are pearlescent but it doesn’t accentuate the pores on the cheeks nor does it emphasize on the bumps or acne spots.010012013

What surprises me is the natural shimmer and lit-from-within glow. I did not use any highlight products so what you see is purely the effect of Jill Stuart Compact.

I am in love with this baby (dancing in circles) and I do urge you – if you haven’t already- to add this beauty to your makeup routine (muah).


Of course, the blush comes with a goat-hair brush as always. Only this time, it’s not attached to the compact as one. You can use the brush separately with other products or simply bring it with you on trips and travels.


Though it’s a brush that comes with the compact, it does not compromise the quliaty of the bristles. The hair is soft and gentle; it does not sting the cheeks (especially when I am one with rosacea skin, the softness of the brush is crucially importatnt for me).

How can I not fall in love with this? Anyway, before I keep rambling on–

❤ Happy Chinese New Year everyone. I wish you all a fabulous & joyful 2016 (yar of the monkey)!


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