((Makeup)) Dior Glow Liner- the Baby Sister is here!

Dior Glow’s baby sister is here! If you’ve ever come across Dior, you must have acquainted with the older sister a while back.

The beautiful Dior Glow not have a twin in coral hue and now it’s introducing its younger sister to the beauty-fanatics!



I personally have owned Dior Glow before and have used it all up, which shows my pure adoration for the product. So what’s stopping me from putting Lip Glow Liner to my shopping cart? (click click) and it’s here!

The liner is packaged in the same way as its older sis Dior Glow. The Liner comes in a baby pink packaging, pure and delightful.


The cap is imprinted with CD logo as always. The Liner’s tip is shaped diagonally for easy application.



Before Dior Glow Liner:


My lips are of a paler pink and quite dehydrated. Though not chapped or peeling at the moment (errr) but it is crawled with marks of dehydration.



To show the true effect of Dior Glow Liner, there was no primer/base products used before applying Dior Glow (after photos):


The dehydration lines have disappeared much and my lips have become plumper (Angelina Jolie here I come lol)

The lip color is not drastically altered so the entire makeup finish is still natural and genuine. It’s only enhancing your inner lip colors and giving you a mini-pout.


I like the new Dior Glow Liner ❤ I am sure you can tell, obviously, haha. It’s slim and easy to stick into your bag or even your coat pocket! You can use it as a liner or as a lip color (that’s what I’ve been doing) so it’s a multi-purpose product that you can bring anywhere.

Believe me, guys can’t tell you have any lip colors on. They will only “wow” at your naturally, sexy beautiful pout.




2 thoughts on “((Makeup)) Dior Glow Liner- the Baby Sister is here!

    1. thank you! it’s a cute thing to keep in your to-go makeup pouch for sure! Plus, the color accentuates your original skin/lip shade so you can pair it up with any lipstick (of course, not the dark/blue/purple ones lol) and it will compliment almost any pink/coral red colors.

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