((Makeup)) 2015 Fav. Eye Shadow Palette <3

As promised, this is the piece about my most fav. eye shadow palettes of 2015


There are too many to choose; so instead of squeezing my fav. eye makeup items into the same blog post as the others, I decided to acknowledge their beauty in a separate post. The No.1 of 2015 is Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette.


the chocolate bar eye palette

The palette is versatile for a gentle eye makeup while providing the “umph” color to create a darker look for the evenings. It is great for beginners and advanced makeup magicians. The palette not only provide you with shimmery choices but also come with matte colors so you can paint out all your creativity in a few strokes. Another plus is the lovely cocoa scent of the product. It is like a great dessert feast while applying your eye makeup!


Armani Eyes to Kill


Though I haven’t share this lovely palette yet, but it has taken my heart by a storm. The colors are faint and transparent, which is a quality that is less commonly seem in European/North American makeup products. The colors are easy to use; you can use any combination and they will echo in harmony. It’s a nice little palette to bring along your trips and to help touch up that little eye color before the big date!


Lunasol the Chocolate Palette


Lunasol Selection de Chocolat Eyesd

The year 2015 is a mix of sweet dessert and beauty. Besides Too Faced, Lunasol also introduced its own line of sweetheart products. The Chocolate Palette comes in 3 variations – White Chocolate, Hazelnut Chocolate, Raisin Rum Chocolate, and Minty Chocolate (limited edition). As I am a neautral/earthy eyeshadow color fanatic, I must have them! So.. after much struggles, I purchased the Hazelnut and the Raisin Rum.

The quad shadow colors are simple to utilize. You can go light or dark, anyway you’d like.


Of course, as the colors are very low in pigmentation, it is best to use it with an eye color primer so the finish can be more pronounced and apparent.


Besides owning the quad palette, I also got the Strawberry Chocolate (Duo Color) because it’s just too cute to let go!



The Strawberry Chocolate Duo spreads a fruity candy scent. In my opinion, Lunasol Chocolate Series has captured my heart with its lovely design and carefully crafted color presentation. It is a treasury item that I would recommend anyone to have! (Plus they are limited editions so what’s stopping you from falling in love with it? lol)


Another favorite of mine is Urban Decay Naked 3.


It’s rare to find a palette dedicated to rosy-gold tones. I adore the rosy hues of the palette. However, if you are looking for variety in your makeup kit, Naked 3 may not be your no.1 choice. The best combination would be to have a palette of dramatic colors & the Naked 3 so you can conquer all occasions.


There are other colors on my “list of desires” 🙂

Tarte Palette has won much popularity. Now, the Tarte Tease (middle) has my stomach flipping with butterflies, haha.


Tartelette In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette Tartelette Tease Tartelette Tease-2

Though my first choices are neutral finish, but I also adore the dramatic and creative colors.

Makeup Forever Artist Palette


As a makeup fanatic & mua, it’s important to bring some “fun” colors with you all the time. Whatever the occasion, you want to be versatile and able to impress with your presence 😀 Makeup Forever is a professional quality product so a good choice as a staple item in anyone’s kit.


I limit my purchase of fun colors to a few brands that I trust for that I don’t wear them everyday, so keeping a high inventory of special eye colors is not ideal. Then, choosing for quality becomes very important to me. Urban Decay Spectrum is a nice little palette to have for convenience. UD is famous for its color saturation so it’s definitely a worthy product to own.

UD spectrum eueshadow

What’s your fav. eye makeup items? ❤ I would like to hear them all! Let’s start our new list together for 2016 yay!





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