((Makeup)) Shiseido Maquillage Dual Color Lipstick


A dual-color lipstick! What a magical creation!

A limited edition release by Shiseido Maquillage, the lipstick features a dual color beauty. I got the color #20, which is half pink and half rosy with a coral hue.


Removed from its package, the lipstick comes with a golden reflective cap. It is a beautiful decoration even on your makeup table.


Like its name, the lipstick comes in two colors at the same time! The lipstick surface is cut like the surface of a diamond so it can hug your lips perfectly.



Before application:

My lips are quite pale and colorless. It’s a faint pink/skin color which makes me look drained and tired- that just shows, again, how magical makeup can be!


Let’s take a closer look at these lips. I did not use any lip care the night before so that we can better test the moisturizing effect of the product. The drying climate in Vancouver encourages the growth of the dehydration lines- in even just one night.008

First, let’s try the colors one-at-a-time. I am using the pink side first, the lighter shade.009

The lipstick melted on my lips like butter. The color hugs my lips and fills the dehydration lines like a kiss and a hug. The color is similar to my natural lip shade so the two blend in perfectly.


The rosy/coral color shows up a bit more on my lips but still looking subtle. The color only enhances your natural hues of the lips without making you look fake or overly made-up.011

It’s a lovely little makeup item for any occasion. I use it for the office, for work and for school. It’s perfect for a girls’ day-out or a ladies’ drink night. The lips will look elegant and natural, like a color of your own!


I instantly fell in love with it after the first use; that’s why I must blog this right away LOL. It’s a nice lipstick to always carry in your cosmetic pouch. You can wear a different color depending on your mood, the day, the weather, etc. You have both the light and the dark, or you can mix both together! One lipstick with 3 variations, what more can a lady ask for?

I hope you’d enjoyed the brief read. Have a great night, beautiful!




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