((Base Makeup)) Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer


As I am a foundation addict, the first makeup article of 2016 will be a blog sharing my newest purchase of base makeup (muahaha!)

Kevyn Aucoin. A famous and reputable makeup artist who passed on in 2002. He has overcome many challenges in life and finally blossomed into a successful artist in creating beauty for the female contour. He was born in a rather conservative times when men were not allowed to be in touch with their artist sides-especially a taboo when it comes to cosmetic artistry. There was an interesting story that I read online that Aucoin even tried to steal makeup so to fulfill his dream of owing these beautiful things. Despite all the scornful criticism and hurtful remarks, Aucoin established his presence in the makeup industry and his talent in makeup even allowed him to charged up to $6300 a class.

When I came across his line of makeup, I knew that I have to give it a try! And I did, lol. The Sensual Skin Enhancer, also known as the foundation cream. It’s thick and butter silky texture gives a the base a high coverage. The foundation contains about 0.63oz which is about half of what you’d usually get from other foundation.002

The packaging is simple and free of miscellaneous waste. The foundation cream itself is not the easier to apply for its thicker texture. I would recommend dampening your beauty maker then dab the cream onto your face.

The picture below shows the half-half (lol) effect of The Sensual Skin Enhancer. As shown by the photo, the left half of my face is more of a porcelain finish with an even tone. The right side is fraught with pigmentation and some darkening around the wings of my nose and corners of my mouth.


I did not apply the foundation on my forehead yet so you can see the different between the cheek and the forehead.


Just dab the foundation on the rest of the face then we are done. The face is fresh and clean without a powdery or cakey finish. 005

I especially adore the subtle glow from within the skin. Your skin just seems more even and velvety. 006

Overall, it’s a very nice foundation to have. It’s small and portable. Plus, the finish is quite flawless (saving on your concealors). Despite the high coverage, the cream itself is not drying on the face. I enjoyed using The Sensual Skin Enhancer and I hope you will too! Thanks for reading, have fun experimenting!




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