((Life)) NYE 2015 @ Canada Place


Happy New Year & welcome 2016! May all your new year resolutions come true in the brand new 2016. May all your dreams and goals be realized and fulfilled.

It was my first time to attend the count-down party held at Canada Place & Coal Harbour. I have always thought the fireworks would be located at English Bay (boy, was I wrong!). Luckily, we checked the location before we set off, or we will be in for a surprise (aka, missing the whole thing lol).

We arrived at Canada Place close to 8:00pm. The place was filled with families and tourists. People were excited to take photos together so to capture this last moment of 2015.

Besides expecting beautiful fireworks, Canada Place also hosted live dance and music plays. From aboriginal dancing to cultural singing, it was a fun-filled night.

Look at the brilliant lights behind me- that’s the concert stage! My hair has gone crazy with the cold wind, haha; the hoodie also ruined my smooth hairstyle. It’s all good; we are here to focus on the firework!


Countdown starts- 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!


I enjoy the ending fireworks (the second photo above) it blossomed like a blooming flower; all petals beautifully expanded and breathing into the night. It was so grand and close that you’d think it’s within your grasp.

There are 2 firework showing at Canada Place. First one starts at 9pm for the families with young children so they can retire to bed sooner. The second showing is at 12am, the “real” countdown for the young teenagers, college students, or the younger generation. *cough cough*, I went to the 9pm showing, lol. It was a challenge to leave Canada Place after the festival; extremely crowded.

The place was crowded with armed police so ensure public safety. It was my first time viewing a real machine gun in-person!



(Photo of a police guard, safeguarding our security at the fun festival!)


We stopped by Blenz for some sweet treats. I was impressed by their cinnamon buns! Though it was not warmed up, the cinnamon bun was chewy and still soft. It was sweet but not overloading the palate with sugary burst. My fav. cinnamon buns now, lol.008009



It’s a brand new chapter of our lives. How did you celebrate the NYE?




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