((Makeup)) Cool Sparkle for the Day & Night


NYE is coming, what’s your look to welcome the New Year? Besides dark smokey eyes, subtle, sparkly eye makeup look is a another great alternative- especially suitable for activities during the day (then we can always transform for the night yay!)

Product used- Stila lots of love

Instead of relying on the usual neutral/earthy color, I want to add more sparkles to create a more unique eye makeup.

Colors used:



Step 1– use color #1 & 2 as the wash of color. Apply the two colors all over your eye lids for a cleaner canvas so it’s easier for the subsequent colors.


Step 2– use color #3 + 4 on on the end corners of your eyes. Color #3 is a warm copper brown, it adds to the depth and creates a multi-dimensional color on our eyes. So instead of seeing a single color, we are showing off a multi-layer color on our lids.


Step 3- Use #5 on the front corner of the eyes to make them pop. It also creates a contrast to the smokey ends of the eyes so both colors stand out more.


Step 4– Use color #5 on the bottom waterline. Adding a bright color on your bottom waterline helps to enlarge your eyes while making the eye makeup cleaner and more sophisticated.

Step 5– dab a little bit of color #5 on the middle of the lid and the top of your brow bone so the colors seem clearer and not muddy.



Of course, do not forget to add a thin black eyeliner to your top lash line and brush on some mascara. Then we are done!


It’s sparkly and it exhibits a multi-toned look. Instead of a plain, cool silver grey eye shadow, it also shows off a little bit of warmth reflecting the brown that we added before.




Whether you are under bright or dim lighting, the eyes will show up fabulously. The depth and dimension are not compromised.010011012

It’s a nice eye makeup look to wear for any occasion. You can wear this to work or to a friend’s party. Whether you are going out on a romantic date or just a night-out with your girl-friends, the makeup only enhances your personal grace ❤ like Princess Elsa (lol).

Have a great NYE night, everyone! See you guys later in 2016!



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